How To Get A List

How To Get a List  is something I have wondered about many times but I  never really focused on it – big mistake. As often happens in life a magic moment appears when what you must do becomes clear and your mind focuses like a lazer beam on the solution that has eluded you for so long. When you make the decision to complete your 100 blogs and SEO them, market every day. You can start promoting your book or your business or even your brand but your main priority must be doing the 8 core actions for your success.

I believe that marketing is the key to succeed with Empower and the more you learn about marketing and take action with it, the more success you will have. EN and my book are my two main priorities. You should lazer focus on one thing first but I really want to do both of these things to create an incomes and use the training to help me find out  how to get a list.

I was listening to the John Wells audio on the inner circle. He took the action, did what we have been told to do by David Wood and David Sharp. He says that you need something to give people to encourage them to upgrade. You can run promotions twice a month at most, one minor and one major. Maybe you will give them an action plan as a reward for upgrading.  Everything you need is inside Empower Network.  If you want to be a winner spend a lot of your time and effort on these things and your life will change according to the size of your targeted list.  Tell your story and of course get all in. You will learn sooooo much including many tips from the experts on how to get a list,

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