How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

How to get traffic to your blog is the first question most bloggers ask or Google when you first start blogging.  Hopefully this video will get you started on the right path and that is half the battle.  You should always look for low competition keywords with  high searches.
Keyword Snatcher which lets you search Google Keyword, Bing Keywords and Yahoo Keywords YouTube Keywords either separately or all together.

MLM Rankings and  NPROS are sites that give you a lot of MLM companies to target with your blog if you are a Network Marketer.  Of course these can also be used in your personal blog but always remember that an authority blog and will rank higher with Googlel so the more links you can get to them the better.

You should copy and paste the keywords into your Blog.  Include the keyword twice in the title if you can.  Writing  a review will bring you even more traffic.  It’s not difficult to do this. A few leading questions and a little research on the company is all that is required.  Ask if the company is a scam and explain whether or not it is.  Ask a few more questions to find out if your followers are having any success with their marketing and provide them with the information that they need to take their business to the next level.

Show them how your product or service can help them increase their followers and grow their business. Remind them that if they keep blogging consistently they will get  leads.  The more content you create (or add) the better.

So keep on blogging and posting your blogs daily.  If you do this consistently you will succeed in this business and help others to do the same.

Don’t forget to blog consistently and add your blog to Google Analytics and Google Consul so that you can work out which content appeals to your audience

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