How To Monetize Your Website While Providing Maximum Value

Many Blogggers are putting a lot of time and effort into their blogs without getting the results that they want and need to create a successful business on the internet.
With a little more research, a clear intention and a little extra effort their results can be dramatically improved in some cases if not all.
  1. How To Monetize Your Website

    Some tips which include the hack and my own input combined to help monetize your blog by giving value while actually enjoying the process of blogging

    1 Don’t bombard your website with too many ads
    2 Test to find the best position and size of ads
    3 Find out the biggest frustrations of your niche market and provide them with solutions -preferably ones that they can’t easily find elsewhere
    4 Blog consistently with unique quality content
    5 Reviews with an affiliate link are more effective than banner ads
    6 Know your target audience
    7 Have a good lead magnet – take a couple of hours to create one that is relevant to your target customer’s needs
    8 Bridge to good CTAs (calls to action)
    9 Always have Optin Page with giveaway on every website
    10 At least 4 pieces of free valuable content to 1 pitch
    11 Focus on how your product or service is going to move them closer to their goal
    12 Use images, videos, graphics, short paragraphs and good titles and subtitles (preferably which include keywords)
    13 Use stories to sell -most of the top marketers do this
    14 Be transparent and write as if you were talking to a friend
    15 Market the blog to social media and your email list
    16 Follow up emails with valuable content
    17 Go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd
    18 Check out what the top bloggers are doing and don’t copy them
    but get ideas from them to improve your blog

    Don’t forget to keep a lookout for the new bridging page which En will be providing to their members in the next week or two.


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  2. Monetize Your Content on YouTube

    Monetizing Content on your vlog can include:
    “Monetizing” on YouTube refers to enabling YouTube to turn on advertisements on your
    videos. If you enable ads on your videos, you will earn a cut of the revenue earned
    from those ads. Not all videos can be monetized, and you must first go through the
    enabling process, but after you have done so you can enable ads on almost any new upload automatically, as well as monetize all past uploadsRead more :

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