How To Promote Your Blog


How To Promote Your Blog

So you made the commitment to blog every day for 90 days.  Maybe you have missed a few days blogging.

Hey –  congratulations – you don’t have to be perfect – you have been consistent and now you have got some content.  Content is the currency of the internet.  Now it’s time to think about ……….

How To Promote Your Blog

The next step is hugely important one – find out How To Promote Your Blog .

No matter how great your blogs are they won’t earn you a cent if nobody sees them.  Always consider your outcome whenever you create your own blog.  Think about your target market and write your blog with them in mind.

How To Promote Your Blog

One of the most obvious places to market your blog is on groups who are interested in your niche or similar niches.

Although face-book have blocked Empower Network blogs they can still be posted there if you use Social Media Bar.  You can post up to  300 groups on face-book.

It is worthwhile to spend some time searching on groups.   First of all to check how many members are in the group and to find the rules of each group.  Some of them have been set up by other internet marketers who are willing to let you post your blogs.  Others actually encourage you to do so.

You can post on blogging sites such as, new segregator site, blokube and syndication sites such as, networked, and Pinterest.

The fact that Empower Network is an authority blog gives you the opportunity to rank high for your keyword on google.  Choose your keyword with care -low competition with over 1000 searches at least.

If you are a member of the Inner Circle you will find lots of helpful tips there from top marketers.


Once you have got into the habit of blogging daily, start making a video every day. You can embed this video on to your  blogs and send it to video sites.  YouTube have been deleting Empower Networks recently so don’t risk having your Your tube  account closed by sending your videos there.  Blogging combined with Video Marketing is a very effective way to promote your brand,  product or service.

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How To Promote Your Blog

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 How To Promote Your Blog

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