How To Transform Your Business in 7 Minutes

Transform Your Business in 7 Minutes

I have been accused of spending too much time listening to trainings and not enough time implementing them.  Guilty as charged!  Now, I am not using the fact that I am a learning junkie as an excuse – although it is a stone cold fact that I am.  I must admit that I do get excited when I find some good stuff.

That’s how it was for me today.   I was listening to Mass Influence – a super brilliant training by Dave Wood (told you I get excited) which I’ll tell you more about later.  I went on  to watch another webinar and the guy just happened to ask if we knew how many words we could write in 7 minutes.  Well, 7 being my lucky number my ears pricked up at once or should I say my conscious mind got into gear.

Test it for yourself and see – the average is 1200 – 1500 words in 7 minutes.

This could change your blogging mindset if you let it.  It has certainly changed mine.  Instead of thinking about writing a 500 word blog, just think about how much you could get written in  7 minutes – it’s not nearly so daunting and it  eliminates all possible excuses instantly.  So go on start writing now and I’ll be waiting for you here on my blog.

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Then I got to thinking – what else could we do in 7 mins to transform our businesses?   So maybe you would like to join me in testing the following

1  How many places could you syndicate your blog to in 7 minutes?

2 Could you make a squeeze page in 7 minutes?

3  How many people could you message on facebook?

4  Could you make a fiverr gig in 7 minutes?

5  How many groups could you join in 7 minutes?

6  How many tweets?

7  Could you make a logo in 7 mins?

The list goes on.  So now I am challenging you  to see what you can do to transform your business in 7 mins.

I am gonna do it in sets of 3 (my other lucky number) and take a 7 minute break in between.   Maybe I should  mention that  you need to be focused for 7 minutes.
Even if the only thing you “get ” from this blog is that you create a blog in 7 minutes and make a firm committment to do one every day for the next 7 days, I will have put you on the path to success.

Getting started as we all know is the hardest step, so how’s about it – see if you can make a blog in the next 7 minutes.
If, by any chance you have any problem with that go to the 15K formula (If you haven’t already got it go ahead and get it now) and read Chris Record’s training on speed blogging. that’s all for now folks.

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