How To Write A Blog

How To Earn Money Blogging
How To Earn Money Blogging

How To Write A Blog

 Why would you want to start blogging in the first place?  Is it a short term or a long term strategy?  Is it a waste of time or an effective way to brand yourself and earn money with internet marketing.  So many questions are asked about blogging and you will find many of the answers on this website.

There are many bloggers who do it just for fun or use blogging as a way to express their opinions and get their message across to as many people as they can.  There are so many things that you can do with a blog – you can teach – you can promote products and even your political view-points but more and more people are using blogs to earn extra money from home.

Maybe you are a parent who wants to spend more time with your kids or somebody who is just fed up having a lifestyle to fit in with your job rather than a way  of  earning money in your own time and at your own pace.  Decide what you really want your blogs to do for you and then plan your blogs with that outcome in mind.


How To Write A Blog

 Even before you write your first blog you need to make a few decisions.

  • Who are Your Audience?
  • Are you committed to blogging consistently?
  • What are you going to blog about?
  • How are you going to monetize your blog?
  • What platform are you going to use ?
  • How are you going to get eyes on your blog?
  • How often are you going to blog?
  • What are the   best days and times to publish your blog?

How To Write A Blog

Before you start – know this – anyone can write a blog.  Perfect grammar and spelling are not essential.  If you are a great story teller it helps but it is not necessary.  Can you copy and paste? Can you change things around a little bit?  Then you can blog and like most things, the more you do it the better you will become.

Do a little research.  Read some blogs that have been written by good copywriters or gurus who use blogging to sell their products.

You could start by blogging once or twice a week and as it is becomes easier increase the number of blogs you create in a week.  Consistency is very important.  Don’t be tempted to blog daily and then stop for a week – consistency is the key.   You can blog about what interests you but if your main goal is to make money then you need to find out what people in your niche are searching for and give it to them.  Use the Pareto principal 80% free valuable information and the rest promoting yourself or your products.

Whatever you do – don’t get carried away writing and improving your blogging skills and forget to share your blog with as many targeted readers as possible.  You can share your blog on social media,in groups, in forums and send all your blogs to your relevant email list  There is absolutely no point in writing a blog if you are the only person who is going to see it. Spend at least as much time synchronizing it as you do writing it.

The platform that you choose for your blog can make a vast difference to your results.  So when you are ready to get started you can get instant access to this amazing new blogging platform that gives you the opportunity to blog like an expert from day one.

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