Hypnotic Language

Hypnotic Language  was the main topic of Dave Woods audio that I listened to today. Iit suddenly struck me that we all have useful information that we could share with others and promote ourselves and our own businesses. It’s just that we don’t seem to be able to “get it out” on to paper, on to the web or even into our conversations. We need to search inside ourselves, find this valuable information and share it with each other. This sudden revelation came to me when he was talking about pink elephants and hypnotic language. I remembered reading a boom with the title purple spotted oranges. The theme was the same if you try not to think about a purple spotted orange, it is the first thing that comes to your mind. So rather than trying not to think negative thoughts we have to go straight to the positive ones.

Hypnotic Language and hypnotic thoughts.  How incredible that some of the thoughts that are swirling around in my head are similar to the ones that Dave Woods has swooshing around in his. Not that we can all be geniuses like him or can we? There’s nothing to stop us implementing the knowledge that we have gained over the years through our experiences, the books we have read, the seminars we have attended. Nothing that is but ourselves and our mindsets and the influence of some of the negative people we have encountered along the way. We may be still sharing our lives with some of them, we can’t push them all aside but we can be aware of their negative mindsets and the damage it is doing to them and to us. Don’t necessarily cast them aside, just educate them gently and consistently and you never know what effect that might have on them until you try.

Is there something that is stopping us from becoming as rich as David Woods or as powerful as Baraka Obama. Of course there is, it’s us. it’s our mindsets, it’s our lack of belief in ourselves and our capabilities. These comfort zones that we live in are making our lives very uncomfortable. As soon as we realise this we can wake up to the possibility of change, of abundance, of all the things we yearn for.

David says that if you can focus your mind on getting 2 subscribers a day consistently you will never have to worry about money again. Can you do that? More importantly can you believe that? If you can nothing or no-one can stop you. He makes it sound so simple. He says that when he found himself believing it, it happened for him. It can happen for you too. Why not? When you consider the millions nay billions of people who are online every single minute of the day, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that we should find it so difficult to find two of these people just once a day to sign up for our offer. Especially when the offer is as simple and inexpensive and AWESOME as Empower Network.

Yes- as usual- David is right – all of us can do it if we are willing to believe, to take action, to lose the shame of selling and to GET ALL IN TODAY. Most of the people who are reading this post know more about selling online than many of those who possess the millions of eyeballs that we are trying to grab So what are we waiting for -let’s go for it and change our futures forever.

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