I Found My Hundred Year Old Mother

I Found My Hundred Year Old Mother

Molly was not your average mother – oh no!   She was an artist and a free spirit.  She wore the latest fashions, read OK and Hello magazine every week.  She was a gourmet cook and loved entertaining and parties and gardening.  Molly did not mince her words – I found this out when she told me to “take that black muck off your eyes” and sent me a Christmas card with the message “Don’t forget to lose the fat”.

Sometimes she would stay up all night long reading a Danielle Steele novel or reciting Yeats.  When she was in her eighties Molly bought herself an exercise bicycle  and she used to skip everyday.  She had still an exercise regime which mainly consisted of walking and deep breathing in her late nineties.  She told me “You have to treat your body like an engine.

I Found My Hundred Year Old Mother

Molly never thought of herself as an old woman.  She got married in her nineties.  She went on a holiday to Austria on her own after her husband died.  She was smoking pot at her nephew’s party in her seventies.  In the 1930s she dyed her hair bright red.  She enjoyed spending her time with young people and said that she was not prepared to spend her time with people who were depressed or negative.  When she was no longer permitted to drive her car, she painted it red and parked it in her front garden and had barbecues in it.

I Found My Hundred Year Old Mother

How could I ever have imagined a mother like Molly or even a hundred year old woman like her?  Finding her changed my life totally.  After meeting her I looked at my life in a different way. I realized that a person’s  attitude to life is much more important than the number of years they have spent on this planet.

I Found My Hundred Year Old Mother

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I Found My 100 Year Old Mother

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