If Keyboards Could Talk

If keyboards could talk mine would say that it has been very busy over the last few years.  There was that book it wrote called “I Found My 100 Year Old Mother” and the shorter one “Stop Smoking Now and Forever” and then there was the thousands of notes that it took while I was watching trainings.

The dozens of websites and hundreds of blogs it produced.  Hundreds of tweets and social media posts.  Masses of information it took from the Google searches I made.

Oh yes, it would tell you that it was fed up with all this activity and the amount of time it had spent to create all this information.

It would also tell you that it is worn out with typing so many documents over these past few years and that it thinks that if the action continues at this pace it will just not be able to cope anymore.

It would tell you that it’s seen a few dollars here and there but nothing significant.  It would ask what is she doing wrong -how long is it going to be before she buys a newer model and lets me have a well earned rest?

It would ask “What is this million dollar ring she is talking about and how much longer is she going to be pounding me to get it?

It would ask “what is the point of all this effort?” and why is it taking so long?keyboard

Then it would say “I am not sure when but I am sure that it won’t be too much longer before whatever it is that’s supposed to happen happens.

I would reply by saying thanks for all the help and I think you are right.

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