Lesson I Learned From 2 Lessons I Learned From Armand Morin

I bought an Armand Morin course at the first Internet Marketing event that I attended in London. It was packed with information and advice from him and videos of other marketers who were at his Big Events. That’s when I was really pulled into this amazing world of gurus and newbies and blogs and all the rest of it.
Although there was oodles of info a couple of things that he said (more than once) caught my attention. These were the lessons that he taught me and I am sure that if you follow them it will change your marketing and your business.


  1. The first lesson was “Get Over Yourself” and it took some time for it to really sink in. These 3 words can change your results enormously.
    What did he mean exactly? Well the first time I heard him mention this was when he was talking about making your first videos..

Every top marketer had to make their first video and most of them will admit that their first few videos sucked. You have to be prepared to look a little bit foolish in order to improve your skills.

You have to develop a thick skin. Internet Marketing is not for shrinking violets. Mike Hobbs admits that he is an introvert by nature but he had to “get over himself” before he became an expert in sharing his wisdom with the rest of us through his blogs and videos.

So whenever you are feeling embarrassed about your marketing efforts just imagine what your critics will be saying when you have gained your financial freedom and they are still doing the daily grind to earn a living.

  • Another lesson that I learned from Armand was to “pay attention“.
    Pay attention to:
    1 What the leaders are doing,
    2 Trends in marketiing
    3 Ads on TV
    4 Your competitors
    5 The emails and copy that the successful marketers are sending
    6 Billboards
    7 What is grabbing your attention and that of your target market
    8 Your own mindset
    The list goes on, but the important thing is to be constantly be paying attention to everything that could effect your business


Even if you are still finding it hard to “get over yourself” and pay attention to what is going on around you, you can still get started in internet marketing.
One of the easiest ways to do that is to start blogging and you will find the best blogging platform and training here.  It  can take you to the top of this profession if that is where you want to go.
Ofcourse it is all down to you and how much time and effort you are prepared to exert to reach your goals.

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