Lessons Learnt From Past Relationships

Whenever you look back on past relationships whether they ended in heartbreak and bitterness or you just drifted apart there is always something good to remember about them.
Everyone has special skills, special gifts and we all possess some knowledge that is useful to someone else. So it’s always good to remember what you learnt from them.


One guy I knew gave me a tip about learning another language- it was French at the time.. He said to turn my radio to the French channel and just have it playing in the background and it would automatically help my pronunciation as that helps to develop “an ear for the language. Next tip was from another heart throb – it was one that he had learnt at college. It was to get some index cards and write 10 words in the language you are learning on one side and the translation of them on the other. Both tips I found very helpful.
Another guy taught me how to break and train young horses.
These are skills that would have been much more difficult to master
without these lessons. So the lesson here is that you can always learn something new and useful from everyone you meet.
If having worked to make other people’s fortunes during your life has taught you a lesson, then maybe it’s time to get to work on your own. It’s never too late as long as you believe that you can do it.

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