Marketing Seasons

[content_upgrade id=787][/content_upgrade]Marketing has it’s own seasons.

1 The Pre-Season-learning lessons from tough times
2 The Realization Season -when the current lifestyle has become intolerable.
3 The Starting Up Season Mind Shift and Decision to Take The First Steps Toward The Vision
4 The Grinding Season – Commitment and Consistency, Struggles.Frustration, Disappointment
5 The Breakthrough – First Results
6 The Expansive Season – Scaleability,Automation
7 Success – Goals Achieved, Lifestyle Transformed

These are the stages that most successful marketers have had to endure before they became 6 or 7 figure earners. Is your Why strong enough to motivate you to go through these changes to transform your life? Now you know what it takes to live the laptop lifestyle – You Can Do It – seasonsSee ya on the beaches of the world.

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