Monetize Your Blog
This video reveals the secret of how to monetize your blog. Some people blog as a hobby but blogging for cash is becoming more popular than ever. If you are frustrated because your blogging isn’t
producing the results you have hoped for, watch this video and find out how the top bloggers create their results..

Creating your blog is not enough, you must get it out there on the internet in as many places as possible so that people can read it. This is essential.
I suggest you share it on Facebook,twitter,Google+,Linkedin,,,tumblr and reddit.
You should post it on Facebook 4-7 times per day and check out facebook insights to find out what time your posts get the most engagement.
It’s important that you blog consistently, preferably everyday and be sure to broadcast every blog on your autoresponder.

Paying attention to your keywords can also help but it is not absolutely essential as long as you are producing quality content that is solving the problems of your target market. That should be your constant goal in every blog.
If you put your blog on an authority platform – then it has more possibility of getting a lot more views as well as getting ranked on Google. You can find an ideal platform by watching the interview below.

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