Mothers Day

Mothers Day

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There’s great excitement in a lot of houses tonight. Children everywhere are getting presents packed for their mum’s special day tomorrow. Being a mother is such a great feeling and knowing that your children are well and happy is the greatest gift of all. Don’t forget the mother’s who cannot be with their children tomorrow for whatever reason.

I found my mother three days before her hundredth birthday. I had searched for her for forty years.
She passed away a couple of weeks before what would have been her hundred and fourth birthday.
I left my home and my mortgage business in Lisburn to go and live with her for the last year of her life.

We spent a wonderful year together and I treasure the memory of that time. Tomorrow I will be thinking of her as I do every day and of all the other mothers who never found their children

Mother’s Day is a very happy occasion for many of us.  Spare a Thought For These Mothers and Their Children.

 I was lucky enough to find my mother after a forty year search.

 Although it wasn’t until three days before her hundredth birthday that I finally did find her, I got the chance to spend only one mother’s day with her.

  she said she hadn’t been my mother -when we first met but this changed in the last year of her life (she lived until she was almost 104 years old) and I was very proud to call her “Mother”.  All mothers are unforgettable to their children but mine was especially so.  I think of her everyday.  

On mother’s day I think of my two mothers and all the other mothers who are not able to be with their childresn for whatever reason.


No smiling child to press a card into her hand
Or a smile into her heart
The Mother’s Day that could have been
Is all she has to hold inside
No place at any restaurant table
Waits for her
Much less a present filled with love

This child that may not even have been born
Or torn from her by some well meaning fools
What matter now?

Whether her special child was lost
To war or poverty
Drink or drugs
By one swift careless twist of fate
She sits with tears upon her breast
Hidden by curtains of despair
And dreams if only
She could share this joyous day

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