My Favourite Gadgets and Tools

I buy most of my tools and gadgets from Amazon as I find that it is so reliable. I am going to add the ones that I have found most useful to this page. I am on a plant based diet and I use my vitamix multiple times everyday. It’s great for soups, ice cream, nut milks etc.

I bought a 6 litre Abosi pressure cooker /multipot which is fine but now I wish I had bought an 8 litre one which is on offer now

I bought the 55inch screen but I don’t see it listed but here is the Bravia Smart TV with a 43 inch screen

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  1. Hello mate

     Muchas gracias for sharing this very beautiful, well detailed and informative piece of information with us. I am very happy I came across this because it contains all the all the valuable information one needs to hold on to. I think that these products you have displayed might be a little useful for those doubting the greatness of it. I really appreciate this article very much. I personally love the blender the most

    1. Thanks for your awesome comment.  I have to agree with you about the vitamix.  I started the plant based diet recently and I am using it very often.

  2. I have to say that I would like to congratulate the guy who created the blender. Because he did us the biggest favor ever, he made cooking fast, easy, and enjoyable. I use my blender for my smoothies, my spices, my sauces, and much more. It is my go-to kitchen item.


  3. Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. these products mentioned would definitely be useful to me and from what I’m seeing here they’re pretty affordable. I’m going to place my own order for them without any hesitation. Thank you for sharing 

  4. You are very right Amazon is a great and reliable platform to source your items both in  and out of the US. I love the sonia Bravia smart tv. I am in search of a tv and this will do well for the space in my living room. I just check its review via your link. its resolution of 3840*2160and brightness of 505cd/m2 will give my living room the desired look 

    1. Thank you Owoeye  I must admit I am an Amazon junkie.  My house is beginning to resemble an Amazon store 😀

  5. Amazon is indeed a reliable source to buy gadgets and tools. Their shipping services is of good quality. Taking a good look at and carefully reading about these gadgets you have listed here as your favorite, I must say you have a great taste and good eye for gadgets. Of all these gadgets you have listed, I like the Sony Bravia TV more.

  6. Hello there!

    That is a beautiful article there with some awesome recommendations. I can as well testify to it that Amazon can reliable cos buyers can be certain of the quality of goods they are about to buy. It is appreciated that you recommended some of the ones that you have found most useful to the page. It was helpful to me too because I love making icecream.


    1. Thank you for your kind comment.  I am on a plant based diet (it’s no really a diet because I can eat as much as I want lol) and of course ice cream made with dairy products is not allowed.  Yesterday I made some “nice cream” with 2 frozen ripe bananas cocoa powder and a little vanilla extract and I added a couple of mint leaves – yummy!

  7. Amazon is one of the best place to get gadgets online, it ihas a lot of things you can purchase on it and they are always of great quality. I like the gadgets and tools you have here, they are the necessary things people are always willing to buy. Thanks for sharing this, I’d love to get some things for my home.

  8. These are all excellent options for me because I am about to move out of my parents’ house and crockpots are literally the best thing for someone who is trying to start cooking and saving money. It may be a bit of money upfront but this is going to pay off long term so in a way its an investment. Thank you so much for this information 

    1. You’re welcome Misael   If you need any advice on cooking let me know I used to own a Greek Restaurant in N Ireland

  9. I agree with you. I’ve found most of my favorite gadgets on Amazon too. They really have a wide variety of tools with various ranges. It’s really useful during this lockdown season since we’re encouraged to not go out. Previously, I prefer to go to a local store since I can ask the clerks for their opinion. 

  10. Nice recommendations. I think Amazon is probably the largest retailer in the world, and I don’t have any qualms about buying from them. Especially on Black Friday when there are huge discounts to be enjoyed.

    I am planning a big shopping spree on Amazon on Black Friday. And I am considering one of the things you recommended!

    1. Hi Clark Looks like I am going to have to buy a new dishwasher – I hope Amazon have some good black Friday deals for dishwashers  btw I hope you will use my link if you do buy it 😀

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