One Millimetre From Success

Surprised to hear that even Tony Robbins can be frustrated at times?

Also it’s worth noting that when he’s in trouble he reaches out for a mentor.

The main point that he is getting across in this video is the fact that we are often only a millimetre away from success or a breakthrough..  Unfortunately this is the time when many people give up.  So really, the difference between being a loser or a winner can be minute.

Realizing that a small shift in your thinking or your performance can make an enormous impact on your success rate will change the way you look at everything.

You can actually condition yourself by using your mind and your physiology to change your state.  Approaching your  challenges from a different state can change your results every time.

Tony uses incantantions to put himself into the right state before events, Why not follow his example before you do your next video, your next hangout or even write your next blog and find out how much difference it makes to your results?

One Millimetre From Success

Tony has managed to share a lot of information in this 8 minute video.  Allow this video to help you resist the temptation to give up too soon on your dreams.Become certain and your certainty will rub off on other people.  Never forget that the person who is most certain in any situation will always influence other people.

You are already only a millimetre away from the solution to monetizing your business or setting up your own business with step by step instructions from top marketers, some of whom were in a similar situation to yours not so long ago.

The business you  promote must  provide  value and over-deliver on it’s promises,  Then your certainty will be recognized by your customers and your team.  Certainty has a way of creating a snowball effect.

If you have not been able to find such a business so far, then the good news is that you can get ZERO COST access to  this brand new smart system.  This may be exactly what you have been waiting for, but YOU can decide for yourself whether this is truth or hype.  A free 25 page report is included.

“Anyone can use this ‘smart-system’ to potentially make more money than they ever have before!”  While they are doing that they will also be gaining a skillset which will enable them to make money online from the comfort of their own home.  No cold calling, no need to get on the phone or to persuade friends and relatives to join your business.  

Are you going to be the next success story or are you going to remain one millimetre away from success?  The ball is definitely in your court now.








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