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Creative Writing vs Content Writing

Creative writing is something I became interested in after I had already written the true story of my forty year search for my mother. I was looking for some interesting information for my creative writing blog when I found the  above video. 

Now content creation has become more important to me than creative writing.  I am still inspired from time to time to write a poem or some lyrics for a song.  Isn’t it interesting how time -even as little as a split second -changes everything.     Looking at things in a new light , in a new way is transformational and clarifies so much.

I used to say that my books -and I do have a very large collection being the hoarder that I am – tell the story of my life.  To a very large extent they do even including the magazines.  Books about fashion and beauty that I bought in my teens.  French and English literature when I was studying for A Level GCEs, books about architecture when I was dating an architectural student, business books, equestrian books and so it goes on and on. 

Now a lot of my books are digital ones about SEO and Internet Marketing and I am currently reading one called “How To Write Copy That Sells” byRay Edwards (a very successful copywriter).

Like many others I was led to believe that if you make the effort to write an interesting book then all you have to do is find a publisher and you are well on your way to becoming a successful writer i.e. selling a lot of books. 

Unfortunately a lot of books are languishing on shelves all over the world unread and unsold.  Why? – because nobody told us before we started writing that, writing a book is much easier than marketing it and many publishers leave author’s to their own devices when it comes to finding an audience who are sufficiently interested in your book to actually pull out their wallet and pay for it.

They didn’t tell you it’s all about social  media and FaceBook ads and SEO and keywords and hashtags and blogs and videos and live streams and consistent content creation and posting and click through rates and calls to action ad infinitum.

Creative Writing Professor Chang-rae Lee says that he cannot teach people to write.  They teach themselves by reading and thinking and assimilating the information.  

Isn’t that equally true about internet marketing?  Even the top gurus, the best internet marketers can only tell you or show you what they have learnt from their experience and reading, their failures and successes.

It’s never enough.  You have to work it out in your own head and in your own time and then wait for the magic to happen.

A strange thing happened to me yesterday, I started looking at things differently.  All the confusion and overload about Internet Marketing started to disperse.  A few very simple things came together.    When all the studying and work seems to be going nowhere fast suddenly it all comes together and you reach that moment you thought would never come.  You feel the beginnings of a confidence which you know is going to soar beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s were I am today, my friends,  on the brink of success.  I just know it 100%,  It doesn’t matter if the blog is on the wrong website or if it’s not a brilliantly written piece.  What matters is that I  now know how to create content quickly and put it where it will be seen by a large number of people.   Content is the real estate of the internet and it is still a lot cheaper to advertise online than it ever was to advertise in magazines or newspapers or TV. 

 Being able to create content quickly not only enables me to write more blogs but it also helps me in my creative writing tasks.  I was fortunate enough to find a community where anyone can learn to sell their book or start an online business or just share their passion about their favourite hobby or pastime with like-minded people.  It even includes a unique content platform that makes writing much easier.

My next step is to share this launchpad with you so you can join this awesome community for free.  My  blog is now something I enjoy doing.  I know that it is helping to take me to the place I want to be.  If you want to earn a full time passive  income working part time from your home you will be amazed at the amount of training and so much more that is just one click away. 


List building For Marketers

List building is one of the biggest obstacles that marketers come across when they first start up their internet marketing business.

How many hours have you spent trying to build your list?

Apart from the time you spend trying to get one -haven’t you also read loads of emails and articles in the hope that you would find the magic secret that would let you build a list in a short time.

Well, here’s the truth about list building guys, so have I and so has nearly every other marketer on the planet. So what’s the solution? What’s the formula?

There are a lot of ways to do List building and some take longer than others. You have to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into doing it. Unless of course you have conquered your fear of going live.

Yes, live-streaming really is the fastest way to build your list, yet many marketers avoid it like the plague.

Many of the top gurus make most of their money by using FaceBook ads.  That’s is a very effective way to build a list of targeted people, but (and it’s a big but) you need to know what you are doing.

Otherwise you must to be prepared to lose some money and to keep testing and tweaking until you figure it out.If you do manage to get it right you may get a big list and make loads of cash, but are you ready to take that risk yet?

Chances are you may not have much money to invest in your on-line business yet and you want to find a way of building a list that is free.  The most popular ways of doing this used to be article marketing and blogs.  The advantage of these two methods of List building is that the list is yours alone and you can use it to advertise your products or affiliate products ad infiniteum.  Unfortunately it takes a lot more time than  live s

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Bad Habits

 Bad Habits

When we think about bad habits the first ones that come to mind  are:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking Too Much
  • Drugs
  • Overeating
  • Being Lazy

There’s no doubt that these bad habits damage our health and if taken to extreme can even kill us.

We are constantly reminded of the ill effects of all these things.  At the same time we are bombarded by adverts encouraging us to do them if not directly in a more subtle way. Telling us we deserve that extra piece of chocolate, that mouthwatering piece of chicken smothered in batter and saturated in fat.

Bad Habits

The question is how do we stop these bad habits?

  • We can try the top effective tool known as willpower but it has a way of disappearing just when we most need it
  • We can hire a coach to encourage us to eat  healthily or get fit  -but not all of us can afford that
  • We see magazine covers with the latest diet, buy the magazine and then find that the rest of the  magazine is littered with recipes for puddings and high calorie meals and   the latest diet is just another fad

Bad Habits

Ask yourself another question.

How much are you spending on these bad habits?

What would happen if every time you were tempted to buy another packet of cigarettes, another bottle of whiskey, another bar of chocolate, another greasy snack, another cream bun,  you put the money in a box or a jar or just didn’t spend it?

Would that make you feel good?  Probably Not.  Hold that thought. What if you could use that money to turn your life around?


The bad habits that are effecting your health are compounded by

The Worst bad habit of all


If you don’t believe you can kick these habits – you won’t.

If you don’t believe you deserve a better life – you won’t get one.

You Must Believe That You Can Change These bad habits.

When you do you can change your life.


WHAT IF you used the money you saved from stopping your  bad habits to earn a passive income with a company that pays 100% commissions?

It gets better – a company that provides  you with great up to date marketing  training, yet gives you the opportunity to get started even if you don’t have a website and you  literally don’t have any knowledge of the internet marketing industry,

Don’t be a wussie make this  the day that you make the shift and take the first step of the road to financial freedom – whatever that means to you.

You can live your dreams, you can kick the bad habits – believe me -I was a chain smoker and I haven’t smoked a cigarette for twenty years.  I bought a house with my “cigarette money”.  It was enough to pay for the mortgage I could not afford while I was smoking.  You have an even better opportunity but it will only work for you if you do what I did.  Make the decision, take action now just click on the button to end the bad habits and begin  a new and better future.

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The Power Of Language

The Power Of Language can transform your life faster than anything else.  It  can improve your relationships and your sales.  More importantly it can give you the self belief that you need to be effective and successful.

Have you talked to yourself today?  Not out loud perhaps, but have you been telling yourself that you can’t do this or you can’t do that?  That’s the first thing you have to change – the conversation with yourself.  Make it upbeat and positive just like the life that you are entitled to live.

The Power Of Language –  the language that you have heard in the past from your friends and family and teachers has greatly influenced the way you think about the world in general and yourself in particular.

Forget about all the negative stuff and bring to your mind your past successes, the compliments that you were given but buried in your mind.

I used to work for a financial adviser who was a top class salesman.  He was and would admit to being a male chauvinist.  I used to marvel at his ability to sell financial product to all and sundry and secretly wished that I could do the same.

 I gave myself the excuse that there was no point in asking him to teach me how to sell because I didn’t think he would want to be bothered to teach a mere woman some selling skills.


Chances are I was probably wrong about that – I am sure that if I had shown sufficient interest he would have at least have given me some sales tips.  I knew it my heart that I just couldn’t be good at sales.  That’s what I told myself and that is what I have believed for most of my adult life.  When did I start believing that?  Who or what convinced me that it was true?  I have no idea and I must admit that I never once took the time to ask myself these questions.  He believed without a doubt that he was a great salesman and so he was.

If we ask ourselves these tough questions – will the answers help us to change our beliefs about our own abilities?  Why not try it and see.  So you believe you are good at sales?  If you do, the chances are you are already selling your way to success.  If not, what have YOU been telling yourself?

I realise now that one of the best skills that anyone can learn is marketing.  Tell that to your friends, your family, your children and your grandchildren.  Show them the Power of Language by using what you know to increase their confidence and self belief.  Let them listen to Dave Woods and he will teach them to sell.

To be a good salesperson you need to be aware of The Power of Language and to be a great one you should also be aware of hypnotic language.  Read a book on hypnotic selling (you will find some good ones on Amazon) and see how if effects your results.    Words can paint pictures, create visions, change hearts and minds.  Listen to Martin Luther and believe in

                                                   The Power Of Language.


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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing  was one of the first things I heard about when I started to take an interest in Internet Marketing,  I went with my son to an internet marketing seminar in London called The World Internet Summit.

 One of the speakers was Ewen Chia and I was very impressed with his clear explanations about Affiliate Marketing.  Ewen has made a fortune in the Affiliate Marketing business and he is one of the top affiliates in the business.

Affiliate Marketing can be used to make a lot of money but the other advantage of it is the fact that it is both simple and free.  It is an ideal way to “dip your feet in the water” if you are a newbie.


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Hypnotic Language

Hypnotic Language  was the main topic of Dave Woods audio that I listened to today. Iit suddenly struck me that we all have useful information that we could share with others and promote ourselves and our own businesses. It’s just that we don’t seem to be able to “get it out” on to paper, on to the web or even into our conversations. We need to search inside ourselves, find this valuable information and share it with each other. This sudden revelation came to me when he was talking about pink elephants and hypnotic language. I remembered reading a boom with the title purple spotted oranges. The theme was the same if you try not to think about a purple spotted orange, it is the first thing that comes to your mind. So rather than trying not to think negative thoughts we have to go straight to the positive ones.

Hypnotic Language and hypnotic thoughts.  How incredible that some of the thoughts that are swirling around in my head are similar to the ones that Dave Woods has swooshing around in his. Not that we can all be geniuses like him or can we? There’s nothing to stop us implementing the knowledge that we have gained over the years through our experiences, the books we have read, the seminars we have attended. Nothing that is but ourselves and our mindsets and the influence of some of the negative people we have encountered along the way. We may be still sharing our lives with some of them, we can’t push them all aside but we can be aware of their negative mindsets and the damage it is doing to them and to us. Don’t necessarily cast them aside, just educate them gently and consistently and you never know what effect that might have on them until you try.

Is there something that is stopping us from becoming as rich as David Woods or as powerful as Baraka Obama. Of course there is, it’s us. it’s our mindsets, it’s our lack of belief in ourselves and our capabilities. These comfort zones that we live in are making our lives very uncomfortable. As soon as we realise this we can wake up to the possibility of change, of abundance, of all the things we yearn for.

David says that if you can focus your mind on getting 2 subscribers a day consistently you will never have to worry about money again. Can you do that? More importantly can you believe that? If you can nothing or no-one can stop you. He makes it sound so simple. He says that when he found himself believing it, it happened for him. It can happen for you too. Why not? When you consider the millions nay billions of people who are online every single minute of the day, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that we should find it so difficult to find two of these people just once a day to sign up for our offer. Especially when the offer is as simple and inexpensive and AWESOME as Empower Network.

Yes- as usual- David is right – all of us can do it if we are willing to believe, to take action, to lose the shame of selling and to GET ALL IN TODAY. Most of the people who are reading this post know more about selling online than many of those who possess the millions of eyeballs that we are trying to grab So what are we waiting for -let’s go for it and change our futures forever.

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Blog Today And Tomorrow And The Next Day

Blog everyday and it will become easier – that’s a fact.  Your blogs will improve and start to gain attention on the internet.  How to monetize them  is the thousand dollar question that crops up often.  If you have already joined the Inner Circle of Empower Network you will find tips there.  It’s not that hard if you are prepared to do it everyday.   There is no doubt that they are one of the best ways to get free traffic.  You need to improve this skill if you want to get a lot of traffic fast.

I saw a message on my website from an analyst saying that my blog was fantastic and that if I was not already I would be a famous blogger one day.  That was great news for me although I wondered if she was really serious or if she was just trying to sell something.  Anyway my heart skipped a beat or two until I realised she wasn’t referring to my blog but to one that someone else had put on my website.  What a disappointment.

Let’s face it being good at blogging can be worth a fortune but how can we get better at it?  Well, the best way to learn is to start by reading some blogs that have been written by the most popular bloggers.  Pay attention to what subjects they are blogging about and notice how they set out their blogs.   How much space is there between the paragraphs, what’s the total number of  words and the keyword ratio (should be about 2,5%)?

Are there any phrases that catch your attention?  Check out a few every day and soon you will start to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  Keep on blogging every day no matter what and you will become a better blogger.  You shouldn’t copy them but you can model them.  Use their ideas as well as your own and always keep testing.  I wrote a list of the bloggers from Empower Network and some other successful companies and each day I check one out.  It’s definitely worth the effort and the thought of what will happen when I have one hundred blogs to syndicate around the internet is what keeps me going.  You can make a swipe file and call it blog ideas and titles and use it when you are not feeling very inspired to write.

You may find it easier to just talk your blog, record it and then write it down.  The advantages of this is that it is fast and that you will come across as yourself.  Writing as you speak is the one way to create your own brand.  This can help you to get something on paper when you have writer’s block (if you believe such a thing exists).   It’s not enough though, you need to make sure that you have got the right keywords for your niche.  Find the solution to people’s problems, often they have the same problems as you do.  If they can find solutions to their problems, answers to their questions regarding the niche that you are writing about, the chances are they will start to follow you.  So pay attention to other people’s needs and do your best to help them.


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Brand – Is It Really Necessary?


YourBrand  is something that you need to think about seriously.

At the mention of  Coca Cola

A vision of a coke bottle comes to your mind in an instant.

Don’t you think it would be very helpful if the mention of your name or your group could trigger  a good thought in the minds of your potential customers?

Not  everyone is comfortable using themselves as their brand  but as Armand Morin says “you gotta get over yourself” if you want to be a success in this business.

Now is the best time ever to spread the word about yourself or your product – there are so many different places to get your message across and this should always include your brand.

Social Networking is the first method that comes to mind.  People can get to know you when they see you and read your posts almost as well as if they had actually met you.

If you plan it’s easier to create  a good first impression.

On the internet it’s easy to find out about your competitors, their advertising, their strategies, their successes and their mistakes.

More importantly you can study your target market  in depth – find out what they are looking for with the right questions, surveys and  keyword tools.  All this gives you the opportunity to choose a great brand for yourself or your product.

Your logo, your correspondence  and content, how you present yourself and your company, how you interact with your customer – all these things have a good or bad effect on your brand.

So always be taking action to improve your brand.

 A brand, unlike an advertisement lasts forever so use it well.

It’s a good idea if you can’t afford a publicist at this point in your business to study those companies who have the most successful brands.

Take the top ten companies and analyse their brands, their logos, their paid advertising and their social media strategies.

Google them. check out some of their videos on you tube,  Be proactive!

If you think you haven’t time for all that then you may also find that your brand assumes the same importance to your customers as it does to you.  That’s the bottom line guys.

If you are not prepared to put the work and the time into building it don’t expect your target market to be impressed or persuaded by it.

The top brand names are priceless.  A good one is worth a fortune.  You can achieve a lot  by watching and modelling the smartest companies.

Test,  test, test   over and over again until you come up with one that suits your target market and highlights your company’s strengths and unique selling point.

It can take your business to heights you never imagined

Your logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees or notices.  You want it to be imprinted on their mind forever – that should be your ultimate goal.

Unless you are very creative, imaginative and knowledgeable in the field  of advertising, then  it is definitely advisable to beg borrow or steal (no, please don’t go that far) a professional agency to design one for you.

Customers may enjoy a  touch of humour or perhaps a tongue in cheek approach  – discuss it with the experts.

No better man than Richard Branson to inject some fun into any aspect of his companies – listen carefully to the following video and get a few nuggets regarding your brand.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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How To Get A List

How To Get a List  is something I have wondered about many times but I  never really focused on it – big mistake. As often happens in life a magic moment appears when what you must do becomes clear and your mind focuses like a lazer beam on the solution that has eluded you for so long. When you make the decision to complete your 100 blogs and SEO them, market every day. You can start promoting your book or your business or even your brand but your main priority must be doing the 8 core actions for your success.

I believe that marketing is the key to succeed with Empower and the more you learn about marketing and take action with it, the more success you will have. EN and my book are my two main priorities. You should lazer focus on one thing first but I really want to do both of these things to create an incomes and use the training to help me find out  how to get a list.

I was listening to the John Wells audio on the inner circle. He took the action, did what we have been told to do by David Wood and David Sharp. He says that you need something to give people to encourage them to upgrade. You can run promotions twice a month at most, one minor and one major. Maybe you will give them an action plan as a reward for upgrading.  Everything you need is inside Empower Network.  If you want to be a winner spend a lot of your time and effort on these things and your life will change according to the size of your targeted list.  Tell your story and of course get all in. You will learn sooooo much including many tips from the experts on how to get a list,

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How To Get Leads For Your Internet Business

How To Get Leads is the biggest question you need to ask yourself now. That is going to be the difference between success and failure.  You need to find the answer to this,  It is without doubt the single most important solution that you need to find and the sooner the better. Targeted leads are gold and should be treated as such. Don’t be careless with your leads. Create a plan and call it How To Get Leads.  Read it and heed it night and morning without fail each and every day.

Keep doing whatever you have to do consistently to build your targeted list or lists. No matter what interesting ideas may come along always make sure your list building activities are to the fore. If you can automate them to some extent so much the better but never ever stop or even pause, keep on doing the tasks on your How To Get Leads plan .

Someone asked me this question a few days ago and I gave it a lot of  thought –

“What  Would You Change/Do Differently If You Had Your Life To Live Over Again? “

 Without hesitation I told him that the one single thing that I regret is not learning to sell.  I spent  a lot of time studying various subjects yet it never once occurred to me to learn this most valuable skill.

What a difference being able to market makes to anyone’s life.  It is almost like owning the goose with the golden egg.  I know the way to make a massive difference to my income is to finally grasp the overwhelming importance of knowing How To Get Leads.

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