Get What You Want


Get What You Want

It’s what we  set out to do from infancy, and continues to remain  the chief goal  throughout our lives.

It’s amazing how the goal posts change over the years.  It can be quite amusing to think back on some of the things that you wanted and felt at the time you couldn’t live without them.

My first really desperate want was a pony.  I tortured my parents, my aunts and everyone else that I thought might be able to help me in my quest to get this vital  wish fulfilled.

After weeks and months and years of persuasion I finally got it.  My persistence finally paid off.  Did it make me happy?  Yes it did, ecstatic and I am so glad that I continued to rhyme on about it and find so many reasons why they should buy me that pony.

What about the things we wanted and got and ended up wishing we hadn’t.  The boyfriends and girlfriends that seemed so terrific at the time and ended up in heartbreak.  I suppose you could call them the Getting What You Want with your heart experiences.

I am a great believer in the philosophy that you can get what if you want it enough and are prepared to pay the price for it.  Some people never stop wanting even to the point of putting themselves and their spouses into debt.

One of the worst  types of wanting is “keeping up with the Jones”.  There are those who make their own lives miserable by wanting what others already have or coveting other people’s possessions.  Not good at all.

Then there is another type of wanting and it is the best wanting of all.  Wanting to help others, wanting to be kind to the vulnerable whether they be young or old, rich or poor.

I watched a TV program about Prince Philip’s mother.  It was awesome, I recommend you check it out on the BBC I Player.  Her great courage in helping the soldiers at the battlefield in Greece and risking her own life to save the lives of a Jewish family that she sheltered in her home in Athens was amazing.

In spite of all her trials and tribulations (being deaf was one of them), she continued to be herself and stand by her principles in spite of  everyone.  A truly brave woman.

People like that make our fears of public speaking or making videos seem ridiculous.  Yet so many of us are missing out on the great opportunities that the Internet provides to those who overcome their fears.

Like the song says “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.  Yet if you don’t at least try – how will you ever know ?

No doubt you have your  own methods and thoughts on how to Get What You Want

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 Get What You Want


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The Secret To Self Mastery

The Secret

to self mastery is the key to being successful in every aspect of our lives. Let’s face it if everyone was the master of himself/herself, addictions would be a thing of the past and failure would be non-existent. Those who know this secret are the Olympians, The Gurus. The Top Business People, The Leaders. Katy Freil has got some valuable insights to share with you about this


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Positivity – That’s The Name of The Game

Marketer in a Million – who could that be? Well in my book it’s David Wood. He really could sell snow to the eskimos but unlike most of the marketers he is keen to share his marketing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. He calls the people who give you hassle and try to discourage you as “negatrons”. Sometimes it’s not easy to step back from the criticism and focus on your goals. That’s why you must have those goals deeply embedded in your mind, your heart and into your daily routine.

We all know the biggest breakthroughs come after failures, it’s been proved time and time again. We know that we gotta keep on moving on in spite of the critics. Don’t know about you, but I find that when people try to put me down, it only makes me more determined. Take yesterday for example, I found out that I had made more money in one hour on the internet than I had made in the last year. I was so excited about that but before I could share my good news, I was bombarded with negativity. Who is the loser? I know it’s not me. Maybe I could have been diverted from my path the day before yesterday but not any more. My breakthrough has come and nobody can take that away from me with words or anything else. So listen to the words of this song and sing along.

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How Does Your Garden Grow

I have recently bought a distressed bungalow with a garden to match. I decided to get started on the garden today with two goals in mind. The first was to clear all the weeds, trim the shrubs and the hedges, cut the lawn, clear the paths and return it to it’s former glory from years gone by. That was goal number one. As I stood there weeding I looked around the garden and thought how lovely it is in spite of all the chaos. I bought it with vacant possession so I was surprised to hear that I had tenants on the premises but no rent forthcoming. I needn’t have worried the family consists of a mother hedgehog and her six little babies. Life is so amazing, there is always something new around the corner, almost each and every day. Yesterday a red admiral butterfly had become trapped in my kitchen. I helped it escape and I was rewarded by seeing it on a further six occasions although it was the first butterfly I had seen this year and it wasn’t the red car syndrome. Goal number two is to make it even better than it was. Problem is I am not a very knowledgeable gardener – don’t know the names of many of the flowers and plants. The good news is I am willing to learn and interested enough to make it my business to find out.

I had intended to write but since it is such a lovely day I decided to spend some time outdoors. My conscience took me back to Empower Network and the posts that I should be writing. Could I compare my garden to internet marketing? – perhaps killing two birds with one stone(pardon the pun). I believe there is a link with almost everything in the universe. My internet marketing strategy was as chaotic as my garden. I had the same good intentions with both. Information overload is the biggest weed in my internet garden and I am not very keen on weed-killers. Surely there must be a solution. I already have it right in front of me “Empower Network”. I can forget about the information overload and all the other B.S.. Just follow the instructions on the EN blog and the chaos is gone as if by magic. I can drift of to San Diego in my mind since most of the hard work has already been done for me by the two Daves and the Empower Team. The beauty of the Empower System is that it works for everyone, experts, beginners and everyone in between. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish as long as you do your daily blog. What could be simpler and it’s only $25 to get started. You can start right away and the profits that people are making are incredible. Empower Network has shot up the internet marketing charts. Go to Alexa and check it out for yourself. Don’t waste another minute, click the button and get started now.

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Conversion is The Key

When Martin Luther King said “We Shall Overcome” he inspired and educated so many people. That speech helped to change the world massively and his speech will live on for posterity. Racial prejudice was and still exists but gradually more and more people are becoming enlightened. If he was here today and I could ask him another question which would change the world it would be “How can we influence people to take action to change their world both individually and collectively?” Is it a gift or can it be learned? Jonathan Budd says that it is a science and it can be learned, but when we hear him him talk with great conviction about his new and exciting ideas for internet marketing, it is hard to believe that it is not a gift. Dave Wood says that when he talks people buy. How is that? Wouldn’t we all love to know. Both those guys are on a mission to change the world, to make it a better place for all of us and they are having great fun doing that. Hope you enjoy the video below. It’s not a great video technically (to put it mildly) but there are more than a few nuggets and it is amusing. There’s another good lesson here you don’t need your content to be perfect, Be real and just get it out there.

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Steve Jobs, Aristotle and me

A couple of my heros are Steve Jobs and Aristotle. Today I discovered that I have something in common with them -it’s a very big something in my eyes. We are all adopted. I find that very interesting but if you aren’t adopted you probably won’t. If you don’t then you may be missing the point which is – we have all got things in common. I know that if I met any of the most powerful and successful people on this earth I would have something in common with them and so would you. Most of us have had relatives, loved and lost, laughed and cried. It is not difficult to find something that you share with another human being. Reaching out the hand of friendship can change your life. That’s one of the reasons why joining a group who have the same interests as you can be so rewarding both financially and as a source of support and inspiration.

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How To Get Rid Of The FEAR




Fear, embarrassment, lack of confidence, not ready yet mentality and poor marketing.  O.M.G. How can we possibly get over these things so that we can move on?

It’s not so much about getting over these things, it’s more about Getting Over Yourself – getting over the negative beliefs that have made you the person you are today.   So, don’t be a negatron.  It would be foolish to continue to let those crazy ideas running around in your mind push you away from the opportunity to be successful.  The Internet offers you that opportunity and the amazing thing is that it’s open to everybody whatever age even those who are completely non-tech.

You could earn some extra money to keep up with your bills or you could make more money than you ever dreamed possible in the shortest time you ever imagined.

It all depends how much time and effort and above all how much consistency you are willing to put into it.

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A friend of mind who has been suffering from a lack of confidence for years changed her life around when she took a deep breath and got out of her comfort zone.

How did she change her life around and get out of her comfort zone?  I persuaded her to join  a Creative Writing  Class.  She gained the confidence to read her poetry and prose to the rest of the class.  This was a big step for her.  This woman is in her seventies.  She loves reading and enjoys writing.

Because of her lack of confidence her writing was lying in a drawer in her bedroom,

Within weeks this new found confidence allowed her to make another giant step forward.

That’s the amazing thing about taking one step forward.  It leads to the second step and before you know it your life has changed beyond anything you could imagine.

Take That One Step – You Won’t Regret It.

She had lots decided that she couldn’t understand computers, emails etc. and so she refused to even try to learn this new skill.

She was adamant about this and no matter how often I tried to persuade her to have a go she totally refused to have anything to do with technology.

To my surprise, after joining the creative writing class, she realised how convenient it would be for her if she could send emails with attachments (her writing), she finally gave in.

Within a very short time she was sending emails and photos to her friends and she has discovered that her past training as an administrator has given her a head start .  She was comfortable with fonts etc. and today she told me that she realizes how much more difficult it must be for those who did not have the advantage of being able to type.

What have you decided you are not capable of doing?

Are you really so sure that you can’t do it under any circumstances?

Maybe, just maybe, you are underestimating your own abilities.

Perhaps a little drop of confidence poured upon your task would make a world of difference to your results.

Try it today, what have you got to lose?

So many things are so much easier to do than you could ever have imagined.  Once you have overcome a few of these obstacles that are blocking your mind and your progress you will find that each time you open your mind, your life changes so much for the better.

Your comfort zone can be your prison – you may not see that today, but one day when you look back you will ask yourself why you  didn’t  do those things that you thought you couldn’t do.  Regrets always stem from the things that you didn’t do, the mountains you could have climbed but didn’t.

If YOU feel that you just can’t get out of the rut that you are in, the repetitive life that you find yourself living, commit yourself to a better future.  That is the first step, then do something new every single day.

Find some mentors for your fitness in body and mind, read some inspiring life stories of people who got out there and put themselves on the line to create an awesome future for themselves, their families and even mankind.

Never ever underestimate the power of courage and commitment to yourself.

Don’t be side-tracked by other people.  Remember that the people who criticize you are usually those who lead dull uninspiring lives.  Ignore their criticisms and try to push them up the ladder in spite of themselves, but never let them pull you down or hold you back.

Small changes in your mindset and habits can alter your life immeasurably.  You will find yourself on a endless journey to success and happiness if only you will make the effort.

Take those small daily steps to leverage your goals.

I’d love to hear  about the great results your new mindset has given you.

Looking forward to news of your breakthrough!

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