There is no doubt about it being persistent is a great quality to possess if you want to be successful.  It has been shown over and over again that persistence pays both in business and in our personal lives.

I Found My 100 Year Old Mother I Found My 100 Year Old Mother

I persisted in my search for my mother for forty years and finally three days before her 100th birthday she walked into a pub-restaurant in Dublin.   There were so many obstacles but my burning desire to find her would not let me give up.  Some people might put it down to The Law of Attraction or just consider it to be a miracle.  I believe these things played their part but they were propelled by my determination and persistence.  If you don’t give up on your dreams and visions then you will achieve them.


You can have success, you can achieve your goals, realize your dream lifestyle if you persist in your efforts to get them.


Internet Marketers need boatloads of this quality but the good news is that if they do persist the results they achieve are directly in proportion to their persistence.


Yes  if you are prepared to work like mad for the first few months  the rewards are limitless. Apart from this, all you need is self belief and determination.

Oh boy! – Many Internet Marketers in our company are living the lifestyle of their dreams. I can only point you in the right direction – show you the path but the rest is entirely up to you.

One of the things that I like about Internet Marketing is that all the limitations are swept away. You can be any age, any nationality and you can decide how many hours you want to work, where you work and how you work. You can use your own special skills and gifts. You can be creative or not, technically challenged or not. The only thing that you need to succeed is the right mindset, a good vehicle and a good engine.

Hilary Bassak
Hilary Bassak

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Hilary Bassak

About The Author: Hilary Bassakaropoulos

My name is Hilary Bassakaropoulos (I often use the name Hilary Bassak for obvious reasons).   I am the  proud grandmother of 3 fantastic grandsons Ari aged 10, 9 year old Stellios  and Sotiraki  who is 6.  I live in Lisburn N Ireland and they live 20 miles away in Bangor. I worked in financial services for about 8 years and then set up my own mortgage business.  My life changed in 2006 when I saw my real mother for the first time three days before her hundredth birthday.  In January 2009 I moved to Dublin to live with her and we spent the last year of her life together.  I closed my mortgage business and that year  was both traumatic and exciting and changed my life completely.
I have lived in Dublin,The Hague, Copenhagen, Nairobi, London, and Vlas in Bulgaria.   A few years ago I went to The World Internet Summit in London – that was my first taste of internet marketing.  I went to other events in London including Mark Anastasi’s events, the great Armand Morin’s and Joel Comms.  The idea of marketing on the Internet really appealed to me but I had too many distractions going on in my life to put the focus that is required into building a business on the internet.  In fact I continued to dip my feet the water off and on for a few years.  Probably wasted a lot of time dabbling but I was continually working on my mindset and building a business in my head and my heart .  I had the vision but it wasn’t until last year that I found the vehicle to  make it possible. My son told me about Empower Network… I was excited because my business income at that point dropped down to a meager pension and desperately needed a boost… I’m so glad I listened to my son and decided to take action. I dread the thought of what might have happened if I had given up on personal development and mindset training. Fortunately in this business only the quitters lose and I have never been a quitter.  So join us right now and I look forward to seeing YOU on the beaches of the world.

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