Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

We see ads day and daily in magazines, newspapers, in the street,at the movies and on TV.  Have you ever stopped to wonder how these advertising professionals manage to persuade us to buy their products?  Usually they tell a story – we are all curious to know the end of the story.

They research their market to the Nth degree.  Finding out their needs, their wants, their problems and giving them the solutions.  They find ways to empathize with them and convince them that they can improve their lives in some way.

Great copy writing is the key to to the written ads. Every word has to earn it’s place.

Some words can grab our attention and convince us that we need whatever it is they are promoting.  These advertising people know who to target  and how to persuade them once they have got their attention.  They have to speak the language of their market and anticipate their questions and objections. They use their marketing skills to overcome the reluctance to buy -they need to believe that they are getting value.

Persuasion Techniques

It’s not about you -it’s all about your customers.  What are your customers thoughts when they land on your page?   The level of trust is determined by how comfortable they feel  Audio can increases conversions by 300%.

Speaking fast creates excitement and  speaking slowly is reassuring.  Be appropriate for your market.  You need to persuade your prospective buyer to want what you have within 30 seconds.

Persuasion Techniques

Always have your outcome in mind and then tell a relevant story with a purpose. Identify your most wanted result.

  “Never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story”  Charles Tremendous Jones.

There are ways of increasing your opt-in rate and it is your business to find out what these are.  For example music can be used as an introduction to your videos to increase your opt-in rate.

Always always always know your outcome in every aspect of your business.  It is essential to identify most wanted result

You need to  know where your prospects are on the awareness scale  Are they  oblivious to your outcome?  Are they pondering about whether or not to join your business or are they totally engaged  with your marketing objective?

Appeal to the their learning styles.  The Whyers, The What learners, The How Learners  and the What If learners

Create a decision environment.  Lead your prospects to a point where the only rational thing they can do is to make a decision to buy.  don’t be afraid to tell them to take action. People like to buy and they like to be told what to do.

You need a system and then add your prospects to it.  Email twice a day.  Use your persuasive powers in your blogs, your videos, your opt-in boxes and your sales letters.  Use audios to persuade and write as you talk.

Focus on good outcomes for customers – consistent persuasion creates consistent results.  Theres no such thing as copy that’s too long – only copy that is boring – make your copy interesting or model those leaders who have great copy.  Write about the the things your prospects are  thinking about

Speak the language of your market  You should be aware of the colours,words and sounds and pauses the effect they are having on your marketing.
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