Selling Your House Hacks That Can Less Work, More Profit

Often when people decide to sell their house, they make some iimprovements to add value to the house before putting it on the market. Sometimes this is a good idea – things like getting rid of pet odours and freshening up the paintwork can make the house a lot more enticing to potential buyers. Before you go rushing out to add a new conservatory or landscape the garden make sure that the improvements that you think would increase the value of the property don’t just take extra cash out of your pocket.
Once your house is sold you can plan to live smarter by downsizing.
  1. 10 Home Improvements Sellers Can Skip

    Seller Beware!
    This hack explains very clearly what home “improvements ” will be more likely to add value and which ones are likely to end up costing you both time and money.
  2. Buying Smaller Homes

    Around the world the size of homes varies e.g. In 2009 the average home size in U.S. was 2164 square feet, in the UK was 818 sq ft and in Hong Kong 484 sq ft. Smaller homes usually equate to smaller rents, lower mortgages and lower energy bills,
By reducing your costs. you reduce stress in the household and free cash on a regular basis that you can use to learn and earn more without putting extra strain on your budget.
Downsizing and learning about new ways to earn a passive income are becoming more at more necessary in this more uncertain job market. It is also especially important to the baby boomers who are finding that their pensions allow them to exist rather than enjoy a carefree retirement. You can find out how to do this whatever your age or education – just read on

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