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Smart Dog – He’s so clever.  Even  a dog knows it’s worth  using  bit of ingenuity to have fun.  He just made up his mind that he wanted that ball but he didn’t want to go swimming.  He didn’t think it might not be possible. He didn’t try to analyse the situation.  He had no doubts that he would get that ball under his conditions.  If we did less analysis and just immediately took action to get what we want we could  be as smart as the  smart dog and have a lot more fun.

I have two Jack Russells and the mother Susie is the doggie equivalent to George Best.  If she sees children playing football she rushes over and dribbles the ball into the goal.  The children and adults are astonished.  She can head the ball, throw it up in the air and catch it.  Nobody taught her these tricks – she is totally obsessed with balls.  She is definately a very smart dog.

 Her daughter Molly wraps herself up in a blanket every night.  She has a special technique that she has taught herself.  She throws the blanket up with her nose and wraps herself like a parcel.    It only takes her about one second – amazing.

I used to have a yorkshire terrier called Echo.  He used to hide in the cupboard in my restaurant and not make a sound until the last customer had left the premises.  I think dogs are amazing and most animals are  a lot smarter than  people think.

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