Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media can be fun – yes really.  It took me a long time to realise that even though I have been on most of the top social  media sites for some time.  I was using social media to build a list of followers for my business and not really engaging very much with them.    It wasn’t until I started to scope and watch live streaming that I found out that not only can you get tons of information from social media but there are many witty, humorous and above all supportive people on all the social media platforms.

                                    Weed Them Out

The thing is that you have to reach out to them.  It’s a bit like a party really, most people approach those that they “like the look of” or those who seem to have something in common.  The great thing about social media is that you can often “weed out” those who don’t resonate with you by careful targeting.

  • It’s really tempting to just keep adding followers willy- nilly to your social media accounts in the hope that if you throw enough mud at a wall some of it is bound to stick.  This may not be a bad strategy when you are just starting up because, although it may seem unfair, often people will  judge your level of success online by these statistics.  
  • You can, at a later stage, easily  unfollow those who are not engaging or who do not resonate with you.  You need to be constantly tweaking your social media strategies because the rules change often on all of the social media sites.
  • Facebook is constantly changing their rules and so  it’s wise to spread yourself over a number of sites.  In the past people concentrated on Google Adsense and found their businesses almost wiped out when Google decided to change theirs.
  • It’s easy to count your success on social media by the number of followers you have managed to acquire, but really a smaller number of followers who grow to know like and trust you is what really matters.   Engagement is the key.   For example, decide to  set aside 15 minutes every day to reach out to your Twitter followers.

Since I joined Periscope I have found that a lot more people are following me on Twitter and retweeting my tweets.  Although internet marketing is my passion, I have come to realise that following social media experts can be extremely helpful and many of them share a ton of valuable information for free.

I have spent thousands of pounds on training and events but it blows my mind how much I have been able to  learn on social media without spending a cent.  Don’t get me wrong investing in training is a no-brainer, but it’s great to find experts who share their knowledge unselfishly too. 

Another tip I would like to share is that you shouldn’t give up on a social media platform because your first experience of it was not good.  I watched a couple of blabs and found them to very disappointing, but since then I have found some that were very helpful – so much so that I actually joined them and found them really inspiring.

I stayed up until almost 5 a m one morning listening to a blab about publishing and marketing.  I was rewarded by getting advice about marketing my book and  on how to market myself online by a top trainer.  A few words that he said set off a thousand lightbulbs for me.  That’s one of the great things about live-streaming  – you have the opportunity to interact with experts in your niche.  Live-streaming is social media on steroids, so if you are still hesitant to make your first scope or this is the way to get started fast

  • It’s easy to automate your tweets and that leaves you more time to interact with your followers.  Always acknowledge people who have shared your tweets, favorited them or left a comment.  
  • You never know who is watching you on social media or what it can lead to, so always bear that in mind.
  • The best plan is to learn as much as possible about one social media platform and when you have mastered it , add the next one.  By mastering it I mean actually getting results from it -Sales!! – because although it may be fun, the bottom line is always the ROI for your time.  I chose to focus on Twitter first

Always allocate a certain amount of time each day for social media and stick to it – otherwise you can end up becoming addicted to it and fail to spend enough time on the rest of your marketing strategies.

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