Social Media Websites To Promote Your Business

The reason I am sharing these two websites today is that I have noticed lately that some top marketers are using these sites to promote their businesses.
  1. Tumblr

    I watched a Bernard Burchard training where he recommended posting on tumblr and then sharing the posts back to your website to increase engagement. It was a while ago so I hope thatI have got my facts straight lol.
    As well as that I heard that sometimes as little as 5% of our followers are shown our posts on Facebook and unless you have at large following it seems to me that the same amount of effort might create better results elsewhere.Click Here to Learn More About Tumblr

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  2. Reddit

    I have also noted that a few successful marketers have been using Reddit to promote their businesses with impressive results. So I have decided to start using both of these sites. Maybe if you decide to do the same you will let me know hou aow it’s going. I find Reddit a bit awkward in so far as you are expected to share or comment on a certain number of other people’s posts but I haven’t quite got my head around the rules yet.

    Click Here to Learn More About Reddit

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At leost there is one thing that I have got my facts straight about and that is that if you want to promote your business online or you are ready to start a new business then you definitely in the right place.

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