2 Timeless Repetitive Actions That Lead To Success Quotes

I find it amazing that words written or spoken many years ago still apply even though the people who said those things might be completely amazed by our modern world.. What we repeatedly do still governs our lives as much now as it did in ancient times.
  1. We Are What We Repeatedly Do
    Excellence Then Is Not An Act But A Habit
    I have a special interest in the sayings of Aristotle because my eldest grandson is called Aristotle
  2. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking

This is something I have been guilty of doing. Thanks to Empower Network and Mike Hobbs in particular I am gradually getting out of this habit of reading without taking action.
I never thought of it as a lazy habit before but now I realise that it is. . I decided to implement what I am learning by following the learn teach and do strategy. – focusing on taking action rather than just reading.
If you would like learn teach and do your way to freedom you can join our team.

Steve Jobs, Aristotle and me

A couple of my heros are Steve Jobs and Aristotle. Today I discovered that I have something in common with them -it’s a very big something in my eyes. We are all adopted. I find that very interesting but if you aren’t adopted you probably won’t. If you don’t then you may be missing the point which is – we have all got things in common. I know that if I met any of the most powerful and successful people on this earth I would have something in common with them and so would you. Most of us have had relatives, loved and lost, laughed and cried. It is not difficult to find something that you share with another human being. Reaching out the hand of friendship can change your life. That’s one of the reasons why joining a group who have the same interests as you can be so rewarding both financially and as a source of support and inspiration.

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