2 Happy Retirement Quotes

You can choose when you are going to retire – you don’t have to wait for the government or your employer to tell you when it’s time to do so.
If you are a have already retired there’s no reason why retirement should mean downsizing and downgrading your life. It’s the time to fulfil all your ambitions – not give up on them.. The internet has presented you with a host of opportunities that are just waiting for you to grab them.

Monetize Your Blog

http://www.marketersblogging.com/TruthLong This video reveals the secret of how to monetize your blog. Some people blog as a hobby but blogging for cash is becoming more popular than ever. If you are frustrated because your blogging isn’t producing the results you have hoped for, watch this video and find out how the top bloggers create their … Read more

2 Rich Retirement Quotes

There’s been a lot of publicity about the problems caused by the ageing population. So many”# baby boomers” are retiring or have already retired. Many of them are on much lower retirement incomes than they expected. Many retirement funds and investment property prices crashed leaving pensioners with a serious shortfall in their retirement income. But….it’s not all doom and gloom any more. Thanks to the internet, there are many new possibilities and opportunities even for boomers who don’t know the first thing about blogging or making money online.

“Brown Eyed Girl” Goes Viral with The Adorable Dancing Baby

Adorable Baby Crashes Daddy’s Concert While He Was Singing “Brown Eyed Girl” This dad was surprised by his seventeen month old baby when he was on stage playing “Brown Eyed Girl“. I’ll bet he is going to be another up and coming Van Morrison fan. What’s So Special About Van Morrison And “Brown Eyed Girl“? … Read more

Creative Writing Tips From Professor Chang-rae Lee

  via Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee – YouTube. Creative Writing vs Content Writing Creative writing is something I became interested in after I had already written the true story of my forty year search for my mother. I was looking for some interesting information for my creative writing blog when I found the  above … Read more