Grandchildren Rock

This weekend I had one of my websites defaced. I was very relieved to find that the support team where it was hosted got the problem sorted in a short time.
My pleasure was short lived when I woke up yesterday to find that it had been hacked and even though I removed all my plugins and themes the website was still down. I had to back up all my posts so I wasn’t feeling too happy.

Then lo and behold I got a phone call with some happy family news and I realized that the hacking incident was nothing more than a bleep.
A few minutes later, I got another message from support and they were able to sort out the website and get it back on line.

My roller coaster weekend taught me a good lesson about keeping themes and plugins updated. I didn’t realize that if you don’t you make it easier for the hackers to access your website. So now I am passing the message on and hoping it will save somebody else the hassle.
The second lesson was just a reminder about how differnt my life is now that I have a family.

How Meeting My Mother For The First Time Has Transformed My Life

This was a meeting that was to change my life completely. I met my mother for the first time at her home in Dublin. She was a mother that no-one could have dreamed up in their wildest imagination. She was an artist and a free spirit and she looked about 70 years old. She had the body of a fifty year old woman and not a wrinkle and yet she was 100 years old. She cooked me a delicious meal and we talked non stop for 7 hours about our travels and the lives that we had not shared.