Get More Leads With Automation

 Get More Leads With Automation

 There is no doubt that we could all save ourselves a lot of time if we used more of the automation tools that are now available.  They include apps, plug ins and  browser extensions.  As I create this blog I can see a number of extensions at the top of this page.  I don’t really use them as much as I should.

  All of them have been designed to make life  easier and save time.  By using them we can free up  more time to produce better content for our websites and social media platforms.

Are you making the most of these tools yet?

Hootesuite, Status Brew, Klout, TailWind and Buffer are my favourite schedulers and IFTTT is amazing and it’s free.  Internet marketers dream of passive residual income and what better way to achieve that than by automating as much as possible so that you can enjoy the freedom lifestyle.

Many of the phone apps make it so much easier and faster to gain followers and unfollow those who are not following you.  When you automate  your social media platforms, it leaves you with more time to engage with your followers and isn’t that what social media is really supposed to be all about?

I have already got my Twitter account about 80% automated and the next one on my list is Pinterest starting with Tailwind and  IFTTT.    There are a couple of new features on Tailwind which make it even more effective. The aim is to automate Pinterest to the same extent.  You can get extensions for all these apps and that makes scheduling even easier.

Automation is The Goal .

Writing 700 tweets and scheduling them to go out on a daily basis means that you can have a whole year’s tweets sorted in a matter of hours.  Spending a few days to fill your Pinterest boards with pins that will provide value for your targeted audience.  That’s what automatically makes me jump for joy!

Everyone has got their own favourite schedulers and shortcuts to success- I’d love to hear about yours.

If you would like to get started with automation – be my guest and use this free training to get more leads and sales with Twitter




2 Cool Tools To Promote Your Brand

Building your brand doesn’t need to be expensive. You can pay someone to make your logos, graphics and videos or you can use these tools.
Both tools are easy to use – no technical or artistic skills required. The first one is free and creates great text. The second one creates professional looking videos at a fraction of the normal price and you can also sell them if you wish.
  1. cool text

    It’s an awesome tool that creates text at the click of a mouse. You can change the colours, the shadows, the size and the font instantly and it is absolutely 100% free.

    Click Here to Learn More About cool text

  2. VideomakerFX

    It’s really simple to create a project add slides which include different text,shapes,animation and audio. If you are not confident about making videos this is the ideal tool for you. It is a real time saver, money saver and it’s fun to use. More importantly it creates effective professional videos

    Click Here to Learn More About VideomakerFX

    tool image

When you have got the right tools for your online business, the only thing missing is the right training and a really good product/opportunity to sell. Look no further – you can get instant access here.