How The Internet Has Enriched My Life

The Internet has made a tremendous positive impact on my life. If you stop to think about it I think you will find that it has done the same for you.


Life before the internet was fine for me because I was very busy. First of all bringing up my son and also helping my husband with his businesses. Later on I was running my own restaurant and that did not leave much time to spare for any interests except horseriding.

I learnt so much from just surfing the internet in the beginning I thought and still do think that it is super awesome. It changed the course of my life with the information and training that are available. I was able to run my mortgage business from Dublin after I found my 100 year old mother and spent the final year of her life caring for her until she was almost 104. The internet helped eased the loneliness of being a carer and kept me in touch with the rest of the world. Without it I would probably have been completely stressed out. I was still able to keep in contact with my family and friends.
Later it helped me cope with a split up of a 27 year relationship. The time I spent learning about internet marketing was a great diversion for which I am very grateful.

I really don’t know how I could cope without the internet now. It has been my rock and enabled me to set up another business online. A business which has cost very little compared to the investment needed for most off line businesses.

Creating an income online is an option for everyone now and I have been fortunate enough to find a company that not only provides me with a great product to sell but also all the training I need for success online.



There is no doubt about it being persistent is a great quality to possess if you want to be successful.  It has been shown over and over again that persistence pays both in business and in our personal lives.

I Found My 100 Year Old Mother I Found My 100 Year Old Mother

I persisted in my search for my mother for forty years and finally three days before her 100th birthday she walked into a pub-restaurant in Dublin.   There were so many obstacles but my burning desire to find her would not let me give up.  Some people might put it down to The Law of Attraction or just consider it to be a miracle.  I believe these things played their part but they were propelled by my determination and persistence.  If you don’t give up on your dreams and visions then you will achieve them.


You can have success, you can achieve your goals, realize your dream lifestyle if you persist in your efforts to get them.


Internet Marketers need boatloads of this quality but the good news is that if they do persist the results they achieve are directly in proportion to their persistence.


Yes  if you are prepared to work like mad for the first few months  the rewards are limitless. Apart from this, all you need is self belief and determination.

Oh boy! – Many Internet Marketers in our company are living the lifestyle of their dreams. I can only point you in the right direction – show you the path but the rest is entirely up to you.

One of the things that I like about Internet Marketing is that all the limitations are swept away. You can be any age, any nationality and you can decide how many hours you want to work, where you work and how you work. You can use your own special skills and gifts. You can be creative or not, technically challenged or not. The only thing that you need to succeed is the right mindset, a good vehicle and a good engine.

Hilary Bassak
Hilary Bassak

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Hilary Bassak

About The Author: Hilary Bassakaropoulos

My name is Hilary Bassakaropoulos (I often use the name Hilary Bassak for obvious reasons).   I am the  proud grandmother of 3 fantastic grandsons Ari aged 10, 9 year old Stellios  and Sotiraki  who is 6.  I live in Lisburn N Ireland and they live 20 miles away in Bangor. I worked in financial services for about 8 years and then set up my own mortgage business.  My life changed in 2006 when I saw my real mother for the first time three days before her hundredth birthday.  In January 2009 I moved to Dublin to live with her and we spent the last year of her life together.  I closed my mortgage business and that year  was both traumatic and exciting and changed my life completely.
I have lived in Dublin,The Hague, Copenhagen, Nairobi, London, and Vlas in Bulgaria.   A few years ago I went to The World Internet Summit in London – that was my first taste of internet marketing.  I went to other events in London including Mark Anastasi’s events, the great Armand Morin’s and Joel Comms.  The idea of marketing on the Internet really appealed to me but I had too many distractions going on in my life to put the focus that is required into building a business on the internet.  In fact I continued to dip my feet the water off and on for a few years.  Probably wasted a lot of time dabbling but I was continually working on my mindset and building a business in my head and my heart .  I had the vision but it wasn’t until last year that I found the vehicle to  make it possible. My son told me about Empower Network… I was excited because my business income at that point dropped down to a meager pension and desperately needed a boost… I’m so glad I listened to my son and decided to take action. I dread the thought of what might have happened if I had given up on personal development and mindset training. Fortunately in this business only the quitters lose and I have never been a quitter.  So join us right now and I look forward to seeing YOU on the beaches of the world.

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Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

We see ads day and daily in magazines, newspapers, in the street,at the movies and on TV.  Have you ever stopped to wonder how these advertising professionals manage to persuade us to buy their products?  Usually they tell a story – we are all curious to know the end of the story.

They research their market to the Nth degree.  Finding out their needs, their wants, their problems and giving them the solutions.  They find ways to empathize with them and convince them that they can improve their lives in some way.

Great copy writing is the key to to the written ads. Every word has to earn it’s place.

Some words can grab our attention and convince us that we need whatever it is they are promoting.  These advertising people know who to target  and how to persuade them once they have got their attention.  They have to speak the language of their market and anticipate their questions and objections. They use their marketing skills to overcome the reluctance to buy -they need to believe that they are getting value.

Persuasion Techniques

It’s not about you -it’s all about your customers.  What are your customers thoughts when they land on your page?   The level of trust is determined by how comfortable they feel  Audio can increases conversions by 300%.

Speaking fast creates excitement and  speaking slowly is reassuring.  Be appropriate for your market.  You need to persuade your prospective buyer to want what you have within 30 seconds.

Persuasion Techniques

Always have your outcome in mind and then tell a relevant story with a purpose. Identify your most wanted result.

  “Never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story”  Charles Tremendous Jones.

There are ways of increasing your opt-in rate and it is your business to find out what these are.  For example music can be used as an introduction to your videos to increase your opt-in rate.

Always always always know your outcome in every aspect of your business.  It is essential to identify most wanted result

You need to  know where your prospects are on the awareness scale  Are they  oblivious to your outcome?  Are they pondering about whether or not to join your business or are they totally engaged  with your marketing objective?

Appeal to the their learning styles.  The Whyers, The What learners, The How Learners  and the What If learners

Create a decision environment.  Lead your prospects to a point where the only rational thing they can do is to make a decision to buy.  don’t be afraid to tell them to take action. People like to buy and they like to be told what to do.

You need a system and then add your prospects to it.  Email twice a day.  Use your persuasive powers in your blogs, your videos, your opt-in boxes and your sales letters.  Use audios to persuade and write as you talk.

Focus on good outcomes for customers – consistent persuasion creates consistent results.  Theres no such thing as copy that’s too long – only copy that is boring – make your copy interesting or model those leaders who have great copy.  Write about the the things your prospects are  thinking about

Speak the language of your market  You should be aware of the colours,words and sounds and pauses the effect they are having on your marketing.
Find out about Persuasion and so much more. You can earn while you learn. We will give you the blueprint, the training and more than you could even imagine to help you succeed in your business or to start up a business within minutes. Just click the the link below right now


You will find all the training you need and so much more inside Empower Network.  Your results will improve when you master persuasion techniques.

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Facts About Rihanna

rihannabarb ]


Facts About Rihanna


Rihanna was born in Barbados twenty four years ago.  Her parents separated because of her father’s addictions.  She had already formed a group at the age of  fifteen.  Her first record was SOS Rescue Me and she has gone on making hit after hit.

She seems to have so much going on in her professional life and she is always glamorous and unpredictable.  She has got so many fans, broken so many records that it’s hard to keep up with her success and her antics.  She has done it again with diamonds this time. Yes she has made another top class video.  The backing music  is terrific, the lyrics are beautiful, the video is superb.  What more can be said?

More Facts About Rihanna

She always looks a million dollars.  In fact she insured her legs for a million dollars saying that they are the part of her body that she concentrates on in her work outs. She’s so cool – always ahead of the pack.  She’s hot – she’s got style sex appeal and charisma by the bucketful. She’s not afraid to be controversial. It’s not surprising she has had millions of hits on You Tube.  She seems so self assured that it’s hard to helieve that she has suffered domestic abuse from a former boyfriend.  He was a music producer called Evan Rodgers.

How Can A Singer Get Millions of Hits On You  Tube?  She has made it seem so easy but she was discovered at the tender age of sixteen so she has got 8 years experience under her belt.   It’s that magic mix of talent, style, confidence and above all charisma.  Great videos and her professionalism and work ethic all play their part.   Rihanna has reached the stage now that she is not only an attractive woman with a voice but she has become a brand.

Even More facts about Rihanna

They Are Still Talking About Rihanna in N Ireland  When she was in N Ireland last summer.She made a video in a field near the Belfast – Bangor motorway.  A local farmer had rented out his field to be used for the video.  He was watching the filming and saw her remove her top.  He asked them to stop filming because it was against his religious beliefs.   Rihanna did not protest but took it in her stride and her charm impressed everybody including that farmer.  That’s Rihanna!

There’s no doubt about it she is a superstar and she has got a great team around her.  If you would like some success in your life then the sooner you get a team the better.  If you would like to be a member of  a really cool but effective team click below and get the support you need to be the best you can be just like Rihanna did.

Facts About Rihanna

Rihanna and Dave Wood have a lot in common. Both of them do their own thing and dont worry about other peoples opinions .  They are not wussies that’s why we never tire of hearing more and more about them.  That’s the reason both of them are on this blog and the media are falling over themselves to find out more Facts About Rihanna




Blog Today And Tomorrow And The Next Day

Blog everyday and it will become easier – that’s a fact.  Your blogs will improve and start to gain attention on the internet.  How to monetize them  is the thousand dollar question that crops up often.  If you have already joined the Inner Circle of Empower Network you will find tips there.  It’s not that hard if you are prepared to do it everyday.   There is no doubt that they are one of the best ways to get free traffic.  You need to improve this skill if you want to get a lot of traffic fast.

I saw a message on my website from an analyst saying that my blog was fantastic and that if I was not already I would be a famous blogger one day.  That was great news for me although I wondered if she was really serious or if she was just trying to sell something.  Anyway my heart skipped a beat or two until I realised she wasn’t referring to my blog but to one that someone else had put on my website.  What a disappointment.

Let’s face it being good at blogging can be worth a fortune but how can we get better at it?  Well, the best way to learn is to start by reading some blogs that have been written by the most popular bloggers.  Pay attention to what subjects they are blogging about and notice how they set out their blogs.   How much space is there between the paragraphs, what’s the total number of  words and the keyword ratio (should be about 2,5%)?

Are there any phrases that catch your attention?  Check out a few every day and soon you will start to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  Keep on blogging every day no matter what and you will become a better blogger.  You shouldn’t copy them but you can model them.  Use their ideas as well as your own and always keep testing.  I wrote a list of the bloggers from Empower Network and some other successful companies and each day I check one out.  It’s definitely worth the effort and the thought of what will happen when I have one hundred blogs to syndicate around the internet is what keeps me going.  You can make a swipe file and call it blog ideas and titles and use it when you are not feeling very inspired to write.

You may find it easier to just talk your blog, record it and then write it down.  The advantages of this is that it is fast and that you will come across as yourself.  Writing as you speak is the one way to create your own brand.  This can help you to get something on paper when you have writer’s block (if you believe such a thing exists).   It’s not enough though, you need to make sure that you have got the right keywords for your niche.  Find the solution to people’s problems, often they have the same problems as you do.  If they can find solutions to their problems, answers to their questions regarding the niche that you are writing about, the chances are they will start to follow you.  So pay attention to other people’s needs and do your best to help them.


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How To Get A List

How To Get a List  is something I have wondered about many times but I  never really focused on it – big mistake. As often happens in life a magic moment appears when what you must do becomes clear and your mind focuses like a lazer beam on the solution that has eluded you for so long. When you make the decision to complete your 100 blogs and SEO them, market every day. You can start promoting your book or your business or even your brand but your main priority must be doing the 8 core actions for your success.

I believe that marketing is the key to succeed with Empower and the more you learn about marketing and take action with it, the more success you will have. EN and my book are my two main priorities. You should lazer focus on one thing first but I really want to do both of these things to create an incomes and use the training to help me find out  how to get a list.

I was listening to the John Wells audio on the inner circle. He took the action, did what we have been told to do by David Wood and David Sharp. He says that you need something to give people to encourage them to upgrade. You can run promotions twice a month at most, one minor and one major. Maybe you will give them an action plan as a reward for upgrading.  Everything you need is inside Empower Network.  If you want to be a winner spend a lot of your time and effort on these things and your life will change according to the size of your targeted list.  Tell your story and of course get all in. You will learn sooooo much including many tips from the experts on how to get a list,

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Positivity – That’s The Name of The Game

Marketer in a Million – who could that be? Well in my book it’s David Wood. He really could sell snow to the eskimos but unlike most of the marketers he is keen to share his marketing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. He calls the people who give you hassle and try to discourage you as “negatrons”. Sometimes it’s not easy to step back from the criticism and focus on your goals. That’s why you must have those goals deeply embedded in your mind, your heart and into your daily routine.

We all know the biggest breakthroughs come after failures, it’s been proved time and time again. We know that we gotta keep on moving on in spite of the critics. Don’t know about you, but I find that when people try to put me down, it only makes me more determined. Take yesterday for example, I found out that I had made more money in one hour on the internet than I had made in the last year. I was so excited about that but before I could share my good news, I was bombarded with negativity. Who is the loser? I know it’s not me. Maybe I could have been diverted from my path the day before yesterday but not any more. My breakthrough has come and nobody can take that away from me with words or anything else. So listen to the words of this song and sing along.

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How Does Your Garden Grow

I have recently bought a distressed bungalow with a garden to match. I decided to get started on the garden today with two goals in mind. The first was to clear all the weeds, trim the shrubs and the hedges, cut the lawn, clear the paths and return it to it’s former glory from years gone by. That was goal number one. As I stood there weeding I looked around the garden and thought how lovely it is in spite of all the chaos. I bought it with vacant possession so I was surprised to hear that I had tenants on the premises but no rent forthcoming. I needn’t have worried the family consists of a mother hedgehog and her six little babies. Life is so amazing, there is always something new around the corner, almost each and every day. Yesterday a red admiral butterfly had become trapped in my kitchen. I helped it escape and I was rewarded by seeing it on a further six occasions although it was the first butterfly I had seen this year and it wasn’t the red car syndrome. Goal number two is to make it even better than it was. Problem is I am not a very knowledgeable gardener – don’t know the names of many of the flowers and plants. The good news is I am willing to learn and interested enough to make it my business to find out.

I had intended to write but since it is such a lovely day I decided to spend some time outdoors. My conscience took me back to Empower Network and the posts that I should be writing. Could I compare my garden to internet marketing? – perhaps killing two birds with one stone(pardon the pun). I believe there is a link with almost everything in the universe. My internet marketing strategy was as chaotic as my garden. I had the same good intentions with both. Information overload is the biggest weed in my internet garden and I am not very keen on weed-killers. Surely there must be a solution. I already have it right in front of me “Empower Network”. I can forget about the information overload and all the other B.S.. Just follow the instructions on the EN blog and the chaos is gone as if by magic. I can drift of to San Diego in my mind since most of the hard work has already been done for me by the two Daves and the Empower Team. The beauty of the Empower System is that it works for everyone, experts, beginners and everyone in between. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish as long as you do your daily blog. What could be simpler and it’s only $25 to get started. You can start right away and the profits that people are making are incredible. Empower Network has shot up the internet marketing charts. Go to Alexa and check it out for yourself. Don’t waste another minute, click the button and get started now.

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Steve Jobs, Aristotle and me

A couple of my heros are Steve Jobs and Aristotle. Today I discovered that I have something in common with them -it’s a very big something in my eyes. We are all adopted. I find that very interesting but if you aren’t adopted you probably won’t. If you don’t then you may be missing the point which is – we have all got things in common. I know that if I met any of the most powerful and successful people on this earth I would have something in common with them and so would you. Most of us have had relatives, loved and lost, laughed and cried. It is not difficult to find something that you share with another human being. Reaching out the hand of friendship can change your life. That’s one of the reasons why joining a group who have the same interests as you can be so rewarding both financially and as a source of support and inspiration.

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How To Get Rid Of The FEAR




Fear, embarrassment, lack of confidence, not ready yet mentality and poor marketing.  O.M.G. How can we possibly get over these things so that we can move on?

It’s not so much about getting over these things, it’s more about Getting Over Yourself – getting over the negative beliefs that have made you the person you are today.   So, don’t be a negatron.  It would be foolish to continue to let those crazy ideas running around in your mind push you away from the opportunity to be successful.  The Internet offers you that opportunity and the amazing thing is that it’s open to everybody whatever age even those who are completely non-tech.

You could earn some extra money to keep up with your bills or you could make more money than you ever dreamed possible in the shortest time you ever imagined.

It all depends how much time and effort and above all how much consistency you are willing to put into it.

The good news is you don’t have to wait even if you are broker than broke.  You can get started right away for free just by clicking on this link.