How Winners Of The Boat Race Has Enlightening My Life

I watched the later stages of the Oxford Cambridge men’s boat race and the interviews with members of the winning team. It was a historic day since it was the first time that the Oxford and Cambridge Women’s Team had been allowed to compete on the same stretch of river.
It was a lovely day and there were more spectators than ever.
I must admit that what really stood out for me was a comment from one of the Oxford rowers when asked how they had managed to succeed once again. I think that it was not only very interesting but it could be very important for all of us who set goals.

2 Enlightening Books About Wealth

The middle classes work for money but the rich make money work for them. There are many highly educated people who are clueless about how to build wealth and gain financial freedom.
Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have done much to enlighten as many people as possible about these subjects.