Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles 2

Have you discovered how to overcome obstacles in your life?  Ever hit a brick wall?  This can happen in an instant and it can have some unexpected effects.  I really did literally hit a brick wall.  It was a neat recently built wall but when I crashed into it, it crumbled to the ground in an instant.

Unfortunately my car was a write off  and so was the other car that was involved in the accident.  For a few moments, I really thought I was dying because I took the full impact.  Fortunately no-one else was hurt.

I loved that car, it was a brand new Skoda Octavia when I bought it and I had it for eight years.  In all that time it did not have one single problem until it was spun into that wall by the impact with the other car.

I stumbled out of the car bruised and battered.  At first I was afraid that I had internal bleeding and might not make it .  Princess Diana flashed into my mind.  . I was taken to the local hospital in an ambulance as was the other driver.   I was x-rayed and although I was very badly bruised and it was very painful no bones were broken.

My son and  my three adorable grandchildren arrived at the casualty and I was  so glad to see them.  I realised what a very lucky person I am.  To survive the crash and to have such a loving family is more than anyone could wish for. There can be a silver lining when you meet life’s obstacles -it can highlight what is really important to you.  It certainly did for me.  It makes you re-assess your priorities.

We have all faced obstacles in our lives and Internet Marketers usually have to face more than  most.  Most of the top marketers have already discovered  a way to break through these obstacles.

They have learnt about driving  traffic, capturing  leads and converting them into sales.    They were able to access to the most up to date training, marketing strategies, a supportive community and so much more.  The good news is that, even if you are a complete beginner, you too can access all these things if you are are open to it.

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How To Get Targeted Followers on Twitter

Grow Your Twitter Following Fast

I have grown my Twitter following to over 17,000.   When I first opened the account I didn’t realise just how important it was to get targeted followers.  If this has happened to you all is not lost because you can follow targeted followers and unfollow those who aren’t.

So to gain more followers on Twitter,  you will find that my current strategies will help you to find followers who are likely to become leads and buyers.  The numbers are not nearly as important as the quality of the followers.

Use Twitter analytics  to check your profile visits, tweet impressions, mentions and followers.  Keep testing and tweaking your bio and take note of which tweets are getting the most engagement (both your own and other peoples).  The end result will be that you will achieve the desired outcome – more targeted followers.

There are a number of apps you can use to schedule your tweets -status brew is my favourite.  I landed in twitter jail for about a week, so I decided to add my tweets manually for a while.  I am not sure whether this happened because of the automation or whether it was the fact that I un-followed too many people in a 24 hour period.

I am sure that if you use some of these suggestions you will not only grow your following but also improve the quality of your Twitter accounts.

You can cross-promote your business account and personal account if you wish, although I would not recommend it in some cases where your business life and personal life are not in alignment!  You can find out more by clicking the button below.
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If you have any queries about anything I have mentioned on this post or any of my other posts. @hilarybassak is my Twitter handle or you can email me at: hilarybassak@gmail.com
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5 Tips to Take Great Kid’s photos

Whether you are a mom, a dad, a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle -it’s lovely to have photos of the kids in your family for yourself and future generations.
If you are going to take these photos -use this hack to make them even better.
  1. 5 Tips To Photographing Siblings

    Ways to improve the photos of kids especially siblings

    hack image

Sometimes it nice to take a little break from your marketing and watch a movie. Here is a surprising hack to do just that.

Monetize Your Blog

This video reveals the secret of how to monetize your blog. Some people blog as a hobby but blogging for cash is becoming more popular than ever. If you are frustrated because your blogging isn’t
producing the results you have hoped for, watch this video and find out how the top bloggers create their results..

Creating your blog is not enough, you must get it out there on the internet in as many places as possible so that people can read it. This is essential.
I suggest you share it on Facebook,twitter,Google+,Linkedin,tsu.co,ibotoolbox.com,tumblr and reddit.
You should post it on Facebook 4-7 times per day and check out facebook insights to find out what time your posts get the most engagement.
It’s important that you blog consistently, preferably everyday and be sure to broadcast every blog on your autoresponder.

Paying attention to your keywords can also help but it is not absolutely essential as long as you are producing quality content that is solving the problems of your target market. That should be your constant goal in every blog.
If you put your blog on an authority platform – then it has more possibility of getting a lot more views as well as getting ranked on Google. You can find an ideal platform by watching the interview below.

Selling Your House Hacks That Can Less Work, More Profit

Often when people decide to sell their house, they make some iimprovements to add value to the house before putting it on the market. Sometimes this is a good idea – things like getting rid of pet odours and freshening up the paintwork can make the house a lot more enticing to potential buyers. Before you go rushing out to add a new conservatory or landscape the garden make sure that the improvements that you think would increase the value of the property don’t just take extra cash out of your pocket.
Once your house is sold you can plan to live smarter by downsizing.
  1. 10 Home Improvements Sellers Can Skip

    Seller Beware!
    This hack explains very clearly what home “improvements ” will be more likely to add value and which ones are likely to end up costing you both time and money.
  2. Buying Smaller Homes

    Around the world the size of homes varies e.g. In 2009 the average home size in U.S. was 2164 square feet, in the UK was 818 sq ft and in Hong Kong 484 sq ft. Smaller homes usually equate to smaller rents, lower mortgages and lower energy bills,
By reducing your costs. you reduce stress in the household and free cash on a regular basis that you can use to learn and earn more without putting extra strain on your budget.
Downsizing and learning about new ways to earn a passive income are becoming more at more necessary in this more uncertain job market. It is also especially important to the baby boomers who are finding that their pensions allow them to exist rather than enjoy a carefree retirement. You can find out how to do this whatever your age or education – just read on