Set A Ridiculous Goal

Setting a ridiculous goal may seem stupid to you but if I tell you this was suggested by one of my mentors, a guy who set the ridiculous goal of creating  a multi million dollar company when he didn’t even have a website or a merchant account. He set an intention for everything he did […]

How To Get Targeted Followers on Twitter

I have grown my Twitter following from 10,000 to over 19,000 already this year.   If you would like to gain more followers on Twitter, then you may find that the strategies that I have used will help you to increase your followers.  The numbers are not nearly as important as the quality of the followers. […]

5 Tips to Take Great Kid’s photos

Whether you are a mom, a dad, a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle -it’s lovely to have photos of the kids in your family for yourself and future generations.
If you are going to take these photos -use this hack to make them even better.

Monetize Your Blog This video reveals the secret of how to monetize your blog. Some people blog as a hobby but blogging for cash is becoming more popular than ever. If you are frustrated because your blogging isn’t producing the results you have hoped for, watch this video and find out how the top bloggers create their […]

Selling Your House Hacks That Can Less Work, More Profit

Often when people decide to sell their house, they make some iimprovements to add value to the house before putting it on the market. Sometimes this is a good idea – things like getting rid of pet odours and freshening up the paintwork can make the house a lot more enticing to potential buyers. Before you go rushing out to add a new conservatory or landscape the garden make sure that the improvements that you think would increase the value of the property don’t just take extra cash out of your pocket.
Once your house is sold you can plan to live smarter by downsizing.