Ninja Nugget 8#

Most sales people lack a certain amount of confidence in their sales skills.  The top ones have overcome this mainly by the fact that each successful close creates more confidence.  There is no doubt that there are sales people with “the gift of the gab” as we call it in here in Ireland.

These silver tongued salesmen seem to have been born with this skill but it can also be learned.  Many studies have been done to try and find the reason why some of them can “sell snow to the eskimos” and it has been discovered that they use “magic words and phrases” that seem to put people into a buying trance.

Apart from getting these master sellers to train the rest of their team, there is another way to improve the selling skills of those who are less gifted.  This is by using sales scripts.  Some companies keep their sales scripts under lock and key, but if you know the right answers to your prospects’ questions and objections you are much more likely to close the sale.  You can prepare scripts yourself and practice them so that you won’t be lost for words when you are with a prospect.

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Selling With Your Heart

Selling With Your Heart

I really admire Marie Forleo and I enjoy her videos that always provide me with food for thought. I hope that this one is having the same effect on you.

Sell something that you believe in with the mindset that you are helping someone to step up to a better future.  The bigger vision is that by doing that you are helping humanity to rise.

I am not in the habit of including quotes from the bible, but I cannot resist this one -“Without a vision the people perish”

Success rarely comes as easily as you expect – it will take effort and commitment and above all persistence.  You may have to sacrifice your TV time for your future success.

Everyone buys with their emotions – Why not also sell with them ?
Here’s my gift to you   Hope it help! 

2 Riveting Books About Selling

Is the customer always right and if not what can YOU do about it. Find out the answer to this and many other questions you may have within the covers of this awesome book.
It is a brilliant book on selling by Grant Cardone – Multi-millionaire and master salesman and trainer.
  1. Selling To Survive

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  2. 10X Rule

    This is another book by Grant Cardone that will transform your business if you implement the advice he has so generously offered to his readers. He does not hesitate to share the strategies and wisdom that have put him at the top of his profession as a world class salesman and sales trainer.

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These books should be required reading for all sales people whether they are just starting out in the profession of selling or they are already well established. They will transform your selling skills if you implement the strategies and complete the short exercises at the end of each chapter.
They provide the missing link between failure and success and show you how to become a top producer in easy steps. They complement The Top Producer Formula which is the opportunity that I am presenting to you.