Get Started In Internet Marketing

Get Started In Internet Marketing The traditional way that we are advised to Get Started In Internet Marketing is to: Find your passion Search out the keywords on the Google Keyword  Tool that are low competition and then use these in your marketing materials e.g. emails and blogs Learn to Blog and then blog Learn […]

The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing Internet marketing has been encouraged by many and maligned by even more especially those whose spouses spend most of their waking hours on the internet: More and more business owners  have realised that on-line marketing is no longer optional if they want to compete on a level playing […]

Lesson I Learned From 2 Lessons I Learned From Armand Morin

I bought an Armand Morin course at the first Internet Marketing event that I attended in London. It was packed with information and advice from him and videos of other marketers who were at his Big Events. That’s when I was really pulled into this amazing world of gurus and newbies and blogs and all the rest of it.
Although there was oodles of info a couple of things that he said (more than once) caught my attention. These were the lessons that he taught me and I am sure that if you follow them it will change your marketing and your business.

Happiness and The Butterfly

  Happiness is something we are all seeking but it is amazing j just how elusive it can be at times. Yet it can  appear  in a moment when we least expect it – in a partner’s smile or the laughter  of a child.  It came to me recently in the form of a butterfly. The Butterfly […]

Creative Writing Tips From Professor Chang-rae Lee

  via Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee – YouTube. Creative Writing vs Content Writing Creative writing is something I became interested in after I had already written the true story of my forty year search for my mother. I was looking for some interesting information for my creative writing blog when I found the  above […]

List building For Marketers

List building is one of the biggest obstacles that marketers come across when they first start up their internet marketing business. How many hours have you spent trying to build your list? Apart from the time you spend trying to get one -haven’t you also read loads of emails and articles in the hope that […]