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How To Learn Internet Marketing

Perhaps the most obvious way to get started internet marketing is to find a mentor.  It’s always a good idea to learn from someone who has already experienced the ups and downs involved.  It is rarely a smooth ride except for a very small percentage of successful online marketers.  However you may not feel ready or able to invest in coaching fees until you have at least dipped your toes in the online marketing world.

You could try the do it yourself approach:

  • Find your passion
  • Search out the keywords on the Google Keyword  Tool that are low competition and then use these in your marketing materials  e.g. emails and blogs
  • Learn to Blog and then make at least 100 blogs
  • Learn Copy Writing Skills or pay someone else to write for you
  • Learn to make videos and make them on a consistent basis
  • Learn to make capture pages and sales pages and add them to your business
  • Check out the blog posts, emails and capture pages of the top marketers and try to analyse them so that you too can succeed
  • Create content for your social media Posts

The list goes on and on and on and then ……………………

When you have done all this start putting these new skills into action.

You can spend weeks and months and even years trying to learn the strategies, trying to hone your internet marketing skills.  Have you ever asked yourself if all this is really necessary?

Well it all sounds very logical and lots of us have done it and been overwhelmed and ready to give up in despair.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could find a way to become an internet marketer from day one without all this preparation?  Months of learning without earning may be what pushes the dedicated among us to keep on trying for the results that we know are possible.  It’s not an ideal situation and most people aren’t prepared to continue with something that doesn’t seem to be producing the desired results.  The question is would the remaining  90% of would be marketers quit if they knew that could have great results for their efforts and persistence?

What is The Best Solution?

I remember a millionaire telling me that when he learnt at school that there were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound – that was all he needed to know.  Now I am going to tell you all you need to know today – just click this link to   Get Started in Internet Marketing

So  (even if you are completely fed up and still broke by this stage), put your shoulders back, take a few deep breathes, smile and read on.

There is a community which will

  • Provide you with top quality training – second to none
  • Teach you how to become an affiliate marketer
  •  Motivate you by seeing the results that are possible and make it possible for you to earn while you learn.
  • Some of the top earners are taken on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas
  • You can become a free member for as long as you wish

So what do YOU need to do?  Forget about all the things that you have been led to believe are essential for success on the internet.  It couldn’t be simpler if you follow the step by step training that you can do at your own pace..  The members who have done this consistently  have surprised even themselves with their results.

So what is this magical company? Who are it’s founders? What can it do for YOU?  How much does it cost?    No gimmicks, no catches, no hidden agendas.

Click Here to find out more  That’s all you need to do right now

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The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing


The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing

Internet marketing has been encouraged by many and maligned by even more especially those whose spouses spend most of their waking hours on the internet:

  • More and more business owners  have realised that on-line marketing is no longer optional if they want to compete on a level playing field.
  • Many companies are already losing out to those who are taking an increasing share of the market
  • It makes sense to advertise on-line as well as off line

Companies and full – time or part-time entrepreneurs  are attracted to internet marketing for many reasons.

  • The start up costs are minimal compared to most other businesses
  • It can be done on a large or small scale
  • It can fit into anyone’s schedule
  • Internet marketing is the easiest way to reach a global market.  It does not limit your business to a particular location.
  • Since the internet reaches all parts of the world, internet marketers can also reach a worldwide target market in an instant.
  • You can market globally from your bedroom, the beach, your kitchen or even your home office.
  • Potential customers can reach your on-line business in one click of their mouse
  •  2 billion people have mobile phones and you can do all your marketing on your smart phone
  • It’s instantaneous – you can reach your customers at a time that best suit them
  • Internet marketing can create momentum very fast

The Cons of Internet Marketing

There are many more advantages to internet marketing than disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Internet Marketing:

  • Small businesses can masquerade as large ones and unscrupulous marketers can create scams. This is one of the obstacles to building trust on the Internet.
  • Solution:  Do some research on the companies you propose to join.
  • It is not easy to stand out among the millions of other marketers unless you have a unique product or service and the ability to market on-line.
  • Solution: Get a better product or service so that it does stand out or improve the one you have..
  • It has become so popular that the competition is fierce and over 90% of businesses fail.
  • The other problem is information overload.
  • Some people become overwhelmed with the amount of information and strategies.
  • Take it one step at a time and outsource when necessary
  • You have to approach internet marketing as a job in the beginning.
  • When you get the ball rolling then you can treat it like a business.
  • You have to be prepared to take massive action for at least 90 days to get your internet marketing business up and running.

Once you have built a targeted list and you are getting consistent results it becomes a game.    Then your possibilities of success are limitless.

Stay at the top of your game by constantly learning.   It is a fast changing environment and you need to keep up with the new developments.

The Pros of Internet Marketing

  • If you are looking for a way to brand yourself on-line and to rank your blog then you will be able to do these things by leveraging  the  power of the internet.
  • You can use your knowledge  and the power of networking to create massive results.  If your blog is on an authority site it will rank higher on Google.  Read on and you will find out how to do that.
  • Once you make the decision to become an internet marketer -You can forget about getting to work on time
  • You can wave  goodbye to your boss or maybe even get him to join you
  • You can leave the cubicle and the traffic jams behind and start to live a life of freedom.
  • You can wear what you like
  • Work when it suits you
  • Take days off when the weather is fine.
  • Keep up with your business even when you are abroad
  • Get paid wherever you are.
  • Not miss out on family outings
  • Socialise when you feel like it online or offline
  • Meet interesting people fro all over the world
  • Take your kids to school
  • Parents can remain at home with their children.

There has never been a better time to do it and it’s never been easier to get started right away  

You can find all the training you need to get started right away here

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It’s a no-brainer as far as The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing are concerned the pros outweigh the cons a thousandfold.












Give Yourself A Chance


I watched Avram and Nikki on the Empower Network webinar and decided to have a look at their facebook page. Then lo and behold I received an email from Justin Verrengia about his latest podcast with Avram. I found it very interesting and in it Avram mentioned that he had an ambition to give a TED lecture and before long he managed to do just that,  I found it on youtube and I am sure you will enjoy it too.
I find both Avram and Nikki very inspirational and they certainly have a very refreshing approach to Internet marketing which has proved to be very effective.

If you would like to know how they have managed to be so successful just click the link below and you can find out what they used to build their 6 figure income.

Lesson I Learned From 2 Lessons I Learned From Armand Morin

I bought an Armand Morin course at the first Internet Marketing event that I attended in London. It was packed with information and advice from him and videos of other marketers who were at his Big Events. That’s when I was really pulled into this amazing world of gurus and newbies and blogs and all the rest of it.
Although there was oodles of info a couple of things that he said (more than once) caught my attention. These were the lessons that he taught me and I am sure that if you follow them it will change your marketing and your business.


  1. The first lesson was “Get Over Yourself” and it took some time for it to really sink in. These 3 words can change your results enormously.
    What did he mean exactly? Well the first time I heard him mention this was when he was talking about making your first videos..

Every top marketer had to make their first video and most of them will admit that their first few videos sucked. You have to be prepared to look a little bit foolish in order to improve your skills.

You have to develop a thick skin. Internet Marketing is not for shrinking violets. Mike Hobbs admits that he is an introvert by nature but he had to “get over himself” before he became an expert in sharing his wisdom with the rest of us through his blogs and videos.

So whenever you are feeling embarrassed about your marketing efforts just imagine what your critics will be saying when you have gained your financial freedom and they are still doing the daily grind to earn a living.

  • Another lesson that I learned from Armand was to “pay attention“.
    Pay attention to:
    1 What the leaders are doing,
    2 Trends in marketiing
    3 Ads on TV
    4 Your competitors
    5 The emails and copy that the successful marketers are sending
    6 Billboards
    7 What is grabbing your attention and that of your target market
    8 Your own mindset
    The list goes on, but the important thing is to be constantly be paying attention to everything that could effect your business


Even if you are still finding it hard to “get over yourself” and pay attention to what is going on around you, you can still get started in internet marketing.
One of the easiest ways to do that is to start blogging and you will find the best blogging platform and training here.  It  can take you to the top of this profession if that is where you want to go.
Ofcourse it is all down to you and how much time and effort you are prepared to exert to reach your goals.

How The Internet Has Enriched My Life

The Internet has made a tremendous positive impact on my life. If you stop to think about it I think you will find that it has done the same for you.


Life before the internet was fine for me because I was very busy. First of all bringing up my son and also helping my husband with his businesses. Later on I was running my own restaurant and that did not leave much time to spare for any interests except horseriding.

I learnt so much from just surfing the internet in the beginning I thought and still do think that it is super awesome. It changed the course of my life with the information and training that are available. I was able to run my mortgage business from Dublin after I found my 100 year old mother and spent the final year of her life caring for her until she was almost 104. The internet helped eased the loneliness of being a carer and kept me in touch with the rest of the world. Without it I would probably have been completely stressed out. I was still able to keep in contact with my family and friends.
Later it helped me cope with a split up of a 27 year relationship. The time I spent learning about internet marketing was a great diversion for which I am very grateful.

I really don’t know how I could cope without the internet now. It has been my rock and enabled me to set up another business online. A business which has cost very little compared to the investment needed for most off line businesses.

Creating an income online is an option for everyone now and I have been fortunate enough to find a company that not only provides me with a great product to sell but also all the training I need for success online.

The Re-set Button

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a re-set button that we could hit when things were going wrong in our lives, in our relationships and in our businesses?  Unfortunately nobody has invented one yet for our lives or our relationships but the good news is that if you are an internet marketer, it’s easy to hit the re-set button.  

That’s the beauty about internet marketing – there are so many different ways to approach it-so many different strategies that have already proved to be successful.

Video Marketing, Audio Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media,PPC,Banner Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing – the choice is mind boggling, so if your first or second or even third attempt at Internet Marketing has been disappointing for you -don;t give up, just press the re-set button.

Tornado Vision

Tornado Vision

The first thing that an internet marketer needs to be successful is freely available to anyone.  It is the one thing that the vast majority of the leaders in the industry share and the top ingredient for success in every business.  It is not just a vision – it is an unshakable, immovable, obsessional vision.  When you find that vision you will be unstoppable.

Whatever disaster strikes in your life or your family’s life you must have a vision that remains throughout all the trials and tribulations that we all face in our lives.  You can call it tunnel vision, earthquake vision, tsunami vision or tornado vision.  Call it whatever you like but hold it firmly in  your mind and you cannot fail.

Tornado Vision

Figure out your “reason  why” – that is undoubtedly important – but then you must create the kind of vision that will endure even a disaster like the tornado in Oklahoma.  All our prayers go out to those who have lost family members in this tragedy.  Our thoughts are also with the remainder of the people who have had all their possessions torn from them.  Already in the midst of shock and despair, many of them already have the vision to rebuild their homes and their lives and their neighborhoods.  There is truth in the saying that what does not kill us makes us stronger.

Tornado Vision

That vision will provide you with the strength, the determination and the courage to consistently work towards your goals.  Plan for your vision.  Decide when you want it to happen.  Make lists of what you need to do to achieve it.  Learn the skills, be consistent and when obstacles appear annihilate them with the power of your vision.

If you really want to live the dream and you believe that you can achieve it, there is a network which has helped many people with no special skills to achieve a six figure income.  This does not mean that you can achieve the same success but don’t you think it is worth taking advantage of the excellent training that is within your reach.

Everything that you need to know is within Empower Network.  It’s both flexible and comprehensive.  Very well thought out for optimum ease of use.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below and get started right away.  It only takes minutes to set it up.

Take these three simple steps:

1  Click this link to open up a new page

2  Put your email in the form you are gonna see there

3  Click the submit button and watch the video that pops up next and listen to Dave Wood and his partner Dave Sharpe


How To Promote Your Blog

You will find all the training you need and so much more inside Empower Network


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Happiness and The Butterfly


Happiness is something we are all seeking but it is amazing j

just how elusive it can be at times.

Yet it can  appear  in a moment when we least expect it – in

a partner’s smile or the laughter  of a child.  It came to me

recently in the form of a butterfly.

The Butterfly In My Garden


I was in my back garden and a red admiral butterfly flew around me three times.  Somehow it made me feel good. What is it about butterflies that makes you think about the awesomeness of nature and almost transports you into another world?  Anyway I returned to my kitchen in  a happier frame of mind than when I left it.

Five minutes later when I was in the front room I saw it again if front of the window flying backwards and forwards.  I was convinced it was the same butterfly as it was the only red admiral I had seen this year.   I wasn’t looking for butterflies and after I saw it the first time I had no expectation of seeing it again.  Still. it had given me this warm feeling called happiness and I was grateful for that.


After a while I decided to go to a bungalow across the road from my house.  Low and behold ,as I was crossing the road, the butterfly appeared again flying around me and seemed to be following me into the garden of the bungalow.  I could hardly believe it and then to my complete astonishment  it followed me right back to my home again.


Some people say that when you see a butterfly it is someone that you love who has passed on is paying you a visit.  That’s a nice thought  and even if it is a myth, the association can fill your mind with thoughts of the days when you shared happiness with that person.

That experience seemed  so far removed from the realities of  everyday life, but it brought to mind the fact that the more elusive something is the more we treasure it.  The more we chase the less we find.

So be more relaxed about your internet marketing efforts, customers will come to you as if by magic if you take consistent action every day and just believe.

Success may seem more elusive than a butterfly but it will appear if you can rid yourself of anxiety, doubts and desperation.


There is a proven system which will teach you how to reach your passive income goals and beyond sooner than you would ever believe possible. .  All you have to do is blog daily,  take consistent action and watch the sales appear while you are having fun,  It really is that simple.  You don’t have to be good at marketing  as all the selling and technical stuff is done for you.


This includes your own  website which has already been set up and will give you the opportunity to get ranked on the first page of google.   Now that is happiness!

They Love To Buy


Creative Writing Tips From Professor Chang-rae Lee


via Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee – YouTube.

Creative Writing vs Content Writing

Creative writing is something I became interested in after I had already written the true story of my forty year search for my mother. I was looking for some interesting information for my creative writing blog when I found the  above video. 

Now content creation has become more important to me than creative writing.  I am still inspired from time to time to write a poem or some lyrics for a song.  Isn’t it interesting how time -even as little as a split second -changes everything.     Looking at things in a new light , in a new way is transformational and clarifies so much.

I used to say that my books -and I do have a very large collection being the hoarder that I am – tell the story of my life.  To a very large extent they do even including the magazines.  Books about fashion and beauty that I bought in my teens.  French and English literature when I was studying for A Level GCEs, books about architecture when I was dating an architectural student, business books, equestrian books and so it goes on and on. 

Now a lot of my books are digital ones about SEO and Internet Marketing and I am currently reading one called “How To Write Copy That Sells” byRay Edwards (a very successful copywriter).

Like many others I was led to believe that if you make the effort to write an interesting book then all you have to do is find a publisher and you are well on your way to becoming a successful writer i.e. selling a lot of books. 

Unfortunately a lot of books are languishing on shelves all over the world unread and unsold.  Why? – because nobody told us before we started writing that, writing a book is much easier than marketing it and many publishers leave author’s to their own devices when it comes to finding an audience who are sufficiently interested in your book to actually pull out their wallet and pay for it.

They didn’t tell you it’s all about social  media and FaceBook ads and SEO and keywords and hashtags and blogs and videos and live streams and consistent content creation and posting and click through rates and calls to action ad infinitum.

Creative Writing Professor Chang-rae Lee says that he cannot teach people to write.  They teach themselves by reading and thinking and assimilating the information.  

Isn’t that equally true about internet marketing?  Even the top gurus, the best internet marketers can only tell you or show you what they have learnt from their experience and reading, their failures and successes.

It’s never enough.  You have to work it out in your own head and in your own time and then wait for the magic to happen.

A strange thing happened to me yesterday, I started looking at things differently.  All the confusion and overload about Internet Marketing started to disperse.  A few very simple things came together.    When all the studying and work seems to be going nowhere fast suddenly it all comes together and you reach that moment you thought would never come.  You feel the beginnings of a confidence which you know is going to soar beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s were I am today, my friends,  on the brink of success.  I just know it 100%,  It doesn’t matter if the blog is on the wrong website or if it’s not a brilliantly written piece.  What matters is that I  now know how to create content quickly and put it where it will be seen by a large number of people.   Content is the real estate of the internet and it is still a lot cheaper to advertise online than it ever was to advertise in magazines or newspapers or TV. 

 Being able to create content quickly not only enables me to write more blogs but it also helps me in my creative writing tasks.  I was fortunate enough to find a community where anyone can learn to sell their book or start an online business or just share their passion about their favourite hobby or pastime with like-minded people.  It even includes a unique content platform that makes writing much easier.

My next step is to share this launchpad with you so you can join this awesome community for free.  My  blog is now something I enjoy doing.  I know that it is helping to take me to the place I want to be.  If you want to earn a full time passive  income working part time from your home you will be amazed at the amount of training and so much more that is just one click away. 


List building For Marketers

List building is one of the biggest obstacles that marketers come across when they first start up their internet marketing business.

How many hours have you spent trying to build your list?

Apart from the time you spend trying to get one -haven’t you also read loads of emails and articles in the hope that you would find the magic secret that would let you build a list in a short time.

Well, here’s the truth about list building guys, so have I and so has nearly every other marketer on the planet. So what’s the solution? What’s the formula?

There are a lot of ways to do List building and some take longer than others. You have to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into doing it. Unless of course you have conquered your fear of going live.

Yes, live-streaming really is the fastest way to build your list, yet many marketers avoid it like the plague.

Many of the top gurus make most of their money by using FaceBook ads.  That’s is a very effective way to build a list of targeted people, but (and it’s a big but) you need to know what you are doing.

Otherwise you must to be prepared to lose some money and to keep testing and tweaking until you figure it out.If you do manage to get it right you may get a big list and make loads of cash, but are you ready to take that risk yet?

Chances are you may not have much money to invest in your on-line business yet and you want to find a way of building a list that is free.  The most popular ways of doing this used to be article marketing and blogs.  The advantage of these two methods of List building is that the list is yours alone and you can use it to advertise your products or affiliate products ad infiniteum.  Unfortunately it takes a lot more time than  live s

If you would like to know 7 Must Does to Get More Followers, just click this link