Reframe Your Mind by Jonathan Budd

A warrior chooses their views and frames of the world.  REALITY IS MOULDABLE -it is how you perceive it to be.  We see the world through a lens and if we view the world as infinite possibility we can get rid of our “puny little identities

Once you understand this you can change your world and step into the challenges ahead of you.  The world is unfathomally better than you can imagine.  You don’t get that until you let go of everything you know.  Jonathan shows you how to approach your hurdles and get rid of   an “I can’t do it” mentality.  Go inside yourself and find the resourcefulness you need to become the person you need to become to accomplish the things that you want to achieve.

Everybody is looking for the way to get from point A to point B.  It is in the process of getting there that you get the qualities you need to step into your power, your possibilities.  Our challenges are an invitation from the universe to become who we want to be. Understand this and it will change your results. .


Conversion is The Key

When Martin Luther King said “We Shall Overcome” he inspired and educated so many people. That speech helped to change the world massively and his speech will live on for posterity. Racial prejudice was and still exists but gradually more and more people are becoming enlightened. If he was here today and I could ask him another question which would change the world it would be “How can we influence people to take action to change their world both individually and collectively?” Is it a gift or can it be learned? Jonathan Budd says that it is a science and it can be learned, but when we hear him him talk with great conviction about his new and exciting ideas for internet marketing, it is hard to believe that it is not a gift. Dave Wood says that when he talks people buy. How is that? Wouldn’t we all love to know. Both those guys are on a mission to change the world, to make it a better place for all of us and they are having great fun doing that. Hope you enjoy the video below. It’s not a great video technically (to put it mildly) but there are more than a few nuggets and it is amusing. There’s another good lesson here you don’t need your content to be perfect, Be real and just get it out there.

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