How to Become an Affiliate Marketer


What I Love About Internet Marketing

Have you noticed something lately about online Marketers?  It’s something very cool and exciting and it’s building momentum at a rapid pace.

Most of the marketers that I surround myself with are placing their focus on providing value, mindset, personal development and  personal branding.  The consistency of this new emphasis on value  that is rampant among marketers from newbies to the top producers is creating a kind of tsunami.

They are falling over each other to provide the most value possible to everyone including strangely enough even their competitors.

  • Marketers have finally realised that the more they give value and disclose their secrets the more successful they become. 

It’s not a short term policy but if you are serious about online marketing then you are in it for the long term.

Not only that –  but knowing that they have helped others achieve the lifestyle they desire is very motivational for them.  Wouldn’t you like to know that when your head hits the pillow every night you can be happy in the knowledge that you have probably helped someone change not only their life, but their family’s lives too.

  • Giving value is a win- win situation for everyone.

I remember my grandma who was forever  telling me “a giving hand always gets”.  It certainly worked for her and it will almost certainly work for you.  So why not give it a try?

  • Yes, value is the new buzz word.   

What if you were to give it a whirl and find out that it actually works?  Maybe you are just starting out and believe that you don’t have anything of value to share yet.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All of us have knowledge that we could use to help others by sharing it. 

It could be something as simple as showing someone how to set up their own blog.  If you don’t know how to do that yet or you would like some free training about blogging or social media or how to get more followers you can find out how to do those things right away.

Isn’t it time that you weighed up the pros and cons of internet marketing?

In the meantime here’s some free training below and if you would like to become an affiliate marketer  

To find out more about online marketing you can contact me on any of my social media platforms @hilarybassak

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Grandchildren Rock

This weekend I had one of my websites defaced. I was very relieved to find that the support team where it was hosted got the problem sorted in a short time.
My pleasure was short lived when I woke up yesterday to find that it had been hacked and even though I removed all my plugins and themes the website was still down. I had to back up all my posts so I wasn’t feeling too happy.Then lo and behold I got a phone call with some happy family news and I realized that the hacking incident was nothing more than a bleep.
A few minutes later, I got another message from support and they were able to sort out the website and get it back on line.My roller coaster weekend taught me a good lesson about keeping themes and plugins updated. I didn’t realize that if you don’t you make it easier for the hackers to access your website. So now I am passing the message on and hoping it will save somebody else the hassle.
The second lesson was just a reminder about how different my life is now that I have a family.

I was an only child – I was adopted so my first blood relation (as far as I knew at the time) was my son. I was ecstatic the day that he was born, but he was also an only child and when my husband and I separated and our older relatives passed on it seemed that family life was passing us by.

And then it happened! I got the news that my son had met a girl in America when he was on a working holiday. She turned out to be the love of his life and in the space of a few short years I had become the grandmother of three fantastic boys.

Oh boy – did that change my life! Watching them grow up , telling them stories about my childhood, going on trips all over Europe. What fun it is to have grandchildren – ask any grandma or grandpa.
I could never have imagined that one day I would have such a wonderful gift – the gift of grandchildren.
They change your life in so many ways and give you a reason to aim for a better life not just for yourself but for them.

So now I have to buckle down and put some time and effort to create a legacy for them. I have found the perfect vehicle for that – now all I need is the determination to be consistent in my efforts to get the ball rolling.
Are you ready to start building a legacy for someone in your life?


2 Informative Make Money Online Videos

Do you watch training videos. I have made it a daily habit to watch at least one training video. I have learnt a lot from this one strategy. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time e.g. this training only lasts for less than 15 minutes.
I prefer the step by step trainings that show the practical steps which if followed will increase your sales or conversions. When you find a helpful video don’t forget to subscribe to the marketer’s videos by pressing the subscribe button below ever video. Hope you find this useful.
  1. How to Make Money on Pinterest – 4 Easy to Follow Steps

    This is a great video for beginners and even if you are already using Pinterest you may well find some food for thought.
  2. Pinterest for Business: 11 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

    This video is more advanced but it also contains basic info that everyone can use. I think you will be surprised at just how powerful Pinterest can be in your business
You are here to make money online and if you take the time to master a few strategies and share them online you are well on your way to achieve the results you want in your business.
This leads you to another very important step which is the most effective place to be your home on the internet and you it will find it here on this page. Yes, success really does leave traces!

What’s So Hard About Marketing Online?

Iva – my daughter-in-law told me that when she came to my home for the first time she was amazed by the number of books I had and also the fact that so many of them were about self- development.

Mindset and reading are a very important part of becoming successful.

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk is one book that I found very Informative. . Gary  has built a 60 million dollar business by branding himself.  He is the king of crushing it and he shares his insights and wisdom in this book. He shows you how to harness the power of the internet and make all your dreams come true by branding yourself and being transparent

If you implement the information in the book  you will be taking the first step towards being unstoppable!

  1. Getting Rid of Inhibitions

    For some people this is the hardest part of marketing online. Learning the strategies, writing the blogs, making the videos all fade into insignificance when it comes to getting rid of your inhibitions.
    This is what the top leaders have done -they have shared their successes and failures. They have put their hands up to their mistakes. In fact many of them  have made their lives an open book.
  2. The question you must ask yourself is “Have I the courage to make my life an open book to the world wide web?”  No more hiding behind excuses and blaming others for your lack of success so far.
  3. Making your life an open book is the first step towards freedom. It gets rid of your limitations and people love people who show their vulnerability, who share their truth. It is one of  the keys to getting true rapport with your audience.

    How To Make Marketing Online Easier