How Kim Kardashian Has Motivated Me

Kim Kardashian Uses her “ASSets”


What are you doing with your assets?  Kim knows how to use hers to make her a fortune – Are yours in hiding?

When I was considering what to write about on my blog today and I noticed a suggestion on Kalatu to write about Kim Kardashian and a lightbulb went off.
Although this may seem to apply more to the ladies, I imagine it applies equally to the men.
I had a random thought and that was that if I had a bottom like Kim Kardashian’s (I don’t by the way lol) I would be doing everything in my power to hide it and feel highly embarrassed in tight fitting clothes or a bikini. I’m sure this is how a lot of woman think – most of us are not happy with some part of our bodies.
Kim Kardashian has made me realize that things are not always as we perceive them to be.

I have learnt that sometimes what we think are our liabilities can be our assets. Things change if you change the way you look at them. Instead of getting surgery to reduce the size of her bottom she has turned it into an asset and set a trend.  Now woman are actually getting implants to look like her.
Most people look upon their home as an asset, but Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that it is actually a liability. Anything that takes money out of your pocket is a liability. So maybe it’s time to sort out what are your assets and liabilities and how you can turn some of the liabilities into assets.

The biggest liability that anyone can have is the wrong mindset and that is definitely one thing that you can change if you make the decision to do so. Developing a rich mindset doesn’t cost you anything but it can make you a fortune.
You may not think you know a lot about internet marketing and making money online, but the fact that you are reading this proves that you know more than the vast majority of people.
So why not do what Kim Kardashian did and flaunt that knowledge instead of hiding it because you don’t have the confidence to be your authentic self.

You can find a way to gain a lot more knowledge about making money on the internet. You might even find the greatest asset you have ever owned in your life (as many others have already discovered) on this page.
Asset or liability, truth or hype? Why not find out for yourself, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

3 Thought Provoking Success Quotes

I would like to share this post especially with people who think that they may not have enough resources to be able to follow their dream. If you think that you can’t really afford to get “all in ” because of your current financial circumstances give that some more thought. People usually manage to come up with the money they need for something they really want badly. What’s needed is resourcefulness – ask any kid who wants ice cream what’s the best way to getting it. A decision,persuasian,a little bit of charm. the willingness to offer a small service like feeding the cat or just sheer determination and tenacity. So if a child can be that resourceful you can too
  1. The first quote is in the image:
    It’s not about your resources – it’s about your resourcefulness
    Tony Robbins
    It really is the solution to a lot of problems that marketers face in their business and their everyday lives
  2. What You Do Speaks So Loudly
    That I Cannot Hear What You Say
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    This quote speaks for itself
  3. Excuses are drowned by actions
    Hilary Bassakaropoulos
    Just thought it up now on the spur of the moment. It sort of follows from the previous quote
If you take action on the above quotes and enhance that by implementing the call to action then success is almost inevitable for you

How To Be Smart, Successful and Sexy

Ashton Kutcher is an actor who played the part of Steve Jobs in the movie.  His award speech is different.  Instead of just soaking up the admiration he has chosen to teach and inspire his audience.

You can be smarter than you think by joining my team – do it now!

Reframe Your Mind by Jonathan Budd

A warrior chooses their views and frames of the world.  REALITY IS MOULDABLE -it is how you perceive it to be.  We see the world through a lens and if we view the world as infinite possibility we can get rid of our “puny little identities

Once you understand this you can change your world and step into the challenges ahead of you.  The world is unfathomally better than you can imagine.  You don’t get that until you let go of everything you know.  Jonathan shows you how to approach your hurdles and get rid of   an “I can’t do it” mentality.  Go inside yourself and find the resourcefulness you need to become the person you need to become to accomplish the things that you want to achieve.

Everybody is looking for the way to get from point A to point B.  It is in the process of getting there that you get the qualities you need to step into your power, your possibilities.  Our challenges are an invitation from the universe to become who we want to be. Understand this and it will change your results. .


Prosperity Mindset

Prosperity Mindset

Is there is a conflict between what you want and what you are doing get it?  This can be  the key reason why you are not having the success you have been hoping for .  Hope is never enough.  You need to make the decision to take the actions to get you where you want to be.

Prosperity Mindset

If you want to be an internet marketer ‘ then you need to find out  how  successful internet marketers  think and what steps they have taken to become successful.  You need the tools that they use and the know-how to use them.


Prosperity Mindset

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Will Smith


Will Smith

I am a great fan of Will Smith. It’s not that I have seen all his movies – it’s more about listening to various interviews that he has done. It’s his mindset, his vision and his total belief that all things are possible. This is where he is coming from and he has already proved that the sky is the limit for him.  Currently at number 8 on the world’s richest couple lists with a net worth of $208 million and climbing.

Will’s philosophy can be summed up with his  own words “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is that I’m not afraid to DIE on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, but if we get on a treadmill together, there are two things:

1- You’re getting off first


2- I’m gonna DIE

It’s really that simple”

this is possibly the best advice for anyone who wants to get to the top in any project they have set for themselves.

“Mental attitude is a two way gateway across the pathway of life which can be swung one way into success and the other  way into failure”  Napoleon Hill  There is no doubt which way Will’s gateway is swinging.

Will Smith has a few notable quotes of his own.

“We spend money that we do not have, on things we do not need, to impress people who do not care.”

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.”

“Money & success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” 

“Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings & emotions”.

If Will’s way of thinking is similar to yours then you are probably someone who has the mindset for success.  If you are still searching for a proven opportunity that you can use to become unstoppable – you have finally arrived at the right place.

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How To Promote Your Blog

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“Brown Eyed Girl” Goes Viral with The Adorable Dancing Baby

Adorable Baby Crashes Daddy’s Concert While He Was Singing “Brown Eyed Girl”

This dad was surprised by his seventeen month old baby when he was on stage playing “Brown Eyed Girl“. I’ll bet he is going to be another up and coming Van Morrison fan.

What’s So Special About Van Morrison

And “Brown Eyed Girl

I was brought up in East Belfast -yes that’s where Van Morrison lived too.   He is one of our heroes.  Although it may not seem like it if you watch the news about N Ireland, Belfast is a great place to live and so is N. Ireland.  We have lots of things and lots of people to be proud of including Rory McIlroy, George Best and of course the one and only Van Morrison.

One of my favourite songs is “Brown Eyed Girl” although I was a blue eyed girl myself. The first time I heard him sing was with a group called Them – and the song was the glorious “Gloria”.  They played at all the trendy places in Belfast which was great for their fans but it wasn’t very lucrative for them.

“Them” grew tired of being manipulated by the music industry and moved back to Belfast.   While there he was offered the opportunity to record four singles. Van decided to do this  and  ”Brown Eyed Girl was one of the songs.

I remember seeing him once in “The Coffee House” opposite the City Hall in Belfast. He was with a beautiful brown eyed girl and I wonder if she was the inspiration for the song. One dad was inspired to make this video of his two beautiful brown eyed girls – enjoy. You can listen to the original song by Van himself.

I am sure that when Van wrote the lyrics for this song he never expected that millions of people would be still be listening to it in 2013.  When he was a struggling musician in his twenties he played at many gigs all over Ireland and England.  He didn’t earn much money but he got a lot of experience and he realised that if he wanted to earn the big money he needed to take control of his talent.  He had the millionaire mindset.  That’s why he  decided to produce his own records and the reason he is  now a multi – millionaire.

That’s how it is for most successful people, they have to be prepared to put all their efforts into their business in the beginning if they want to reap the big rewards in the future.

So it is with blogging – you need to blog daily and you will become a better blogger with loads of content.  Remember content is the currency of the internet and it will provide you with a long term passive income if you do it right.

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Creative Writing Tips From Professor Chang-rae Lee


via Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee – YouTube.

Creative Writing vs Content Writing

Creative writing is something I became interested in after I had already written the true story of my forty year search for my mother. I was looking for some interesting information for my creative writing blog when I found the  above video. 

Now content creation has become more important to me than creative writing.  I am still inspired from time to time to write a poem or some lyrics for a song.  Isn’t it interesting how time -even as little as a split second -changes everything.     Looking at things in a new light , in a new way is transformational and clarifies so much.

I used to say that my books -and I do have a very large collection being the hoarder that I am – tell the story of my life.  To a very large extent they do even including the magazines.  Books about fashion and beauty that I bought in my teens.  French and English literature when I was studying for A Level GCEs, books about architecture when I was dating an architectural student, business books, equestrian books and so it goes on and on. 

Now a lot of my books are digital ones about SEO and Internet Marketing and I am currently reading one called “How To Write Copy That Sells” byRay Edwards (a very successful copywriter).

Like many others I was led to believe that if you make the effort to write an interesting book then all you have to do is find a publisher and you are well on your way to becoming a successful writer i.e. selling a lot of books. 

Unfortunately a lot of books are languishing on shelves all over the world unread and unsold.  Why? – because nobody told us before we started writing that, writing a book is much easier than marketing it and many publishers leave author’s to their own devices when it comes to finding an audience who are sufficiently interested in your book to actually pull out their wallet and pay for it.

They didn’t tell you it’s all about social  media and FaceBook ads and SEO and keywords and hashtags and blogs and videos and live streams and consistent content creation and posting and click through rates and calls to action ad infinitum.

Creative Writing Professor Chang-rae Lee says that he cannot teach people to write.  They teach themselves by reading and thinking and assimilating the information.  

Isn’t that equally true about internet marketing?  Even the top gurus, the best internet marketers can only tell you or show you what they have learnt from their experience and reading, their failures and successes.

It’s never enough.  You have to work it out in your own head and in your own time and then wait for the magic to happen.

A strange thing happened to me yesterday, I started looking at things differently.  All the confusion and overload about Internet Marketing started to disperse.  A few very simple things came together.    When all the studying and work seems to be going nowhere fast suddenly it all comes together and you reach that moment you thought would never come.  You feel the beginnings of a confidence which you know is going to soar beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s were I am today, my friends,  on the brink of success.  I just know it 100%,  It doesn’t matter if the blog is on the wrong website or if it’s not a brilliantly written piece.  What matters is that I  now know how to create content quickly and put it where it will be seen by a large number of people.   Content is the real estate of the internet and it is still a lot cheaper to advertise online than it ever was to advertise in magazines or newspapers or TV. 

 Being able to create content quickly not only enables me to write more blogs but it also helps me in my creative writing tasks.  I was fortunate enough to find a community where anyone can learn to sell their book or start an online business or just share their passion about their favourite hobby or pastime with like-minded people.  It even includes a unique content platform that makes writing much easier.

My next step is to share this launchpad with you so you can join this awesome community for free.  My  blog is now something I enjoy doing.  I know that it is helping to take me to the place I want to be.  If you want to earn a full time passive  income working part time from your home you will be amazed at the amount of training and so much more that is just one click away. 




A friend of mind who has been suffering from a lack of confidence for years changed her life around when she took a deep breath and got out of her comfort zone.

How did she change her life around and get out of her comfort zone?  I persuaded her to join  a Creative Writing  Class.  She gained the confidence to read her poetry and prose to the rest of the class.  This was a big step for her.  This woman is in her seventies.  She loves reading and enjoys writing.

Because of her lack of confidence her writing was lying in a drawer in her bedroom,

Within weeks this new found confidence allowed her to make another giant step forward.

That’s the amazing thing about taking one step forward.  It leads to the second step and before you know it your life has changed beyond anything you could imagine.

Take That One Step – You Won’t Regret It.

She had lots decided that she couldn’t understand computers, emails etc. and so she refused to even try to learn this new skill.

She was adamant about this and no matter how often I tried to persuade her to have a go she totally refused to have anything to do with technology.

To my surprise, after joining the creative writing class, she realised how convenient it would be for her if she could send emails with attachments (her writing), she finally gave in.

Within a very short time she was sending emails and photos to her friends and she has discovered that her past training as an administrator has given her a head start .  She was comfortable with fonts etc. and today she told me that she realizes how much more difficult it must be for those who did not have the advantage of being able to type.

What have you decided you are not capable of doing?

Are you really so sure that you can’t do it under any circumstances?

Maybe, just maybe, you are underestimating your own abilities.

Perhaps a little drop of confidence poured upon your task would make a world of difference to your results.

Try it today, what have you got to lose?

So many things are so much easier to do than you could ever have imagined.  Once you have overcome a few of these obstacles that are blocking your mind and your progress you will find that each time you open your mind, your life changes so much for the better.

Your comfort zone can be your prison – you may not see that today, but one day when you look back you will ask yourself why you  didn’t  do those things that you thought you couldn’t do.  Regrets always stem from the things that you didn’t do, the mountains you could have climbed but didn’t.

If YOU feel that you just can’t get out of the rut that you are in, the repetitive life that you find yourself living, commit yourself to a better future.  That is the first step, then do something new every single day.

Find some mentors for your fitness in body and mind, read some inspiring life stories of people who got out there and put themselves on the line to create an awesome future for themselves, their families and even mankind.

Never ever underestimate the power of courage and commitment to yourself.

Don’t be side-tracked by other people.  Remember that the people who criticize you are usually those who lead dull uninspiring lives.  Ignore their criticisms and try to push them up the ladder in spite of themselves, but never let them pull you down or hold you back.

Small changes in your mindset and habits can alter your life immeasurably.  You will find yourself on a endless journey to success and happiness if only you will make the effort.

Take those small daily steps to leverage your goals.

I’d love to hear  about the great results your new mindset has given you.

Looking forward to news of your breakthrough!

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