Set A Ridiculous Goal

Setting a ridiculous goal may seem stupid to you but if I tell you this was suggested by one of my mentors, a guy who set the ridiculous goal of creating  a multi million dollar company when he didn’t even have a website or a merchant account.

He set an intention for everything he did – every blog, every video, every webinar and every project.  I suggest that you do the same.  When you set your intention, put a date to it.   if it is an income goal put a number on it and work out what your daily output needs to be to achieve it.

If you want to earn $30k a month -that’s $1k a day.  How many sales do you need to make to achieve this income, how much traffic, how many leads?  Figure this out and then take action.

This strategy is known as reverse engineering. Decide to implement it and you will probably find yourself and your business slipping into top gear within months rather than years.

Once you have set your goal you need to find the very best way to get started otherwise you will waste a lot of time unnecessarily.  If your goal is to start an online business or create a presence online for your existing business then this is the best route you can take towards that goal.

Why Work 7 Days?

I suggest that before you start any blog or video you make sure that you have found the best keywords for your target market.  Some marketers insist that you should use low competition keywords with about 1000 searches per
month.  It’s a good idea to start with this but don’t be afraid to experiment and test higher competition keywords.  You can use the Google Keyword Planner if your budget is a bit tight at the moment.  If not the keyword snatcher
gives you a much greater choice of keywords and is easier to use.  You can find it here.

Use Sunday as the day you plan for your week.  You can have a theme for the week for your blogs and videos
and make a list of the keywords that you will be using for them.  It can be the day you create capture pages,
join more groups and generally take a step back and think of ways you can improve your business and above all 
your productivity.  Hope you found some value in this blog.
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