Overcoming Obstacles

She asked me who I was and I told her in no uncertain terms – “I am your daughter” To my utter joy and amazement she said “Would you like to come and visit me? The rest is history and even more amazing than the first part of the story. If you would like to read ore I’m afraid you will have to buy the book lol. http://bit.ly/hilsbook

I am telling you this true story about my life to impress upon you that obstacles are there to be overcome. That is my strong belief and one of the reasons why I have become known to my friends and followers as the Queen of Hope”.

When you really commit to your goals, obstacles may slow you down but they will not stop you. Be unstoppable! Commitment, determination, belief, courage – these are the stuff of dreams, obstacles are only a minor bleep on the path to success.
Never ever ever give up on your dreams