What Is Periscope?

What Is Periscope?

Wondering whether it’s worthwhile joining Periscope or not?

Will it grow your business and get you more leads and sales?  The answer is a very big yes to both these questions and the good news is that it can do this from your very first scope.

There are a number of ways to monetize Periscope.

  • The simplest way is to create a giveaway and add the optin link to your profile.  When some of your “peeps” (that’s your Periscope viewers) ask about your business you can direct them to this link.  Others who are looking at your bio may just click the link out of curiosity especially if you have got an attractive bio.
  • Another option is to drive people to your website by having it on your bio and mentioning it on your scopes instead of having a giveaway.
  • If you are selling a physical product you can display it on your scope and demonstrate how to use it if appropriate.
  • You can offer coaching either free or paid or even create a membership site.  You can send them to your facebook page or groups..
  • You can build up your followers fast by scoping consistently  and following other scopers especially those who have a large amount of followers in your niche.
  •   You can make helpful comments on their scopes and other viewers may decide to click on your comment and check out your  bio
  • On each scope you should always ask your viewers to share your scope with their Twitter followers and Facebook followers – this brings even more followers to your scopes.

The possibilities are limitless, because you are able to engage with your prospects on live-streaming to a greater extent than with any other social media. These are just a few ideas and the same advice applies as for most other social media platforms – just do it consistently and you will get results that will surprise you.

You may be hesitant to make your first  scope –  this  simple 9 step Periscope formula  will make it easy for  you to start scoping with confidence from day one.

Just follow the simple steps and you will be scoping like a pro.   Just click the button below for instant access.

2 Engaging Periscope Videos

A lot of people are asking questions about Periscope. What is it? What’s the point in using it? Will it help a business grow or is it just another flash in the pan that has little value?

You will find the answer to these questions and more inside this scope – sorry post – that was a slip of the keyboard lol – which may be an indication of how much of Periscope has found it’s way into my subconscious mind.


What Is Periscope???




There have been some improvements since this video was made. Less glitches and you can save your scopes for more than 24 hours by going to katch.me and adding a #katch on your broadcast title

I must confess that although I have only been broadcasting on Periscope sporadically for a few weeks I am already a Periscope Addict. In fact if you could ask my family they would tell you that I am a Periscope bore.

Having said that there is no doubt that some marketers are already crushing it on Periscope in particular Social Media Experts who are selling their training courses and others who are selling products.  One 21 year old guy made over $30k in a few weeks and a young woman selling websites earned over $52k.  Ofcourse these results are not typical and required a level of commitment and effort which most people are not prepared to put into their business.

The main reason that I consider Periscope to be an awesome tool in your marketing arsenal is that you can get targeted followers fast.  This means that it is ideal if you are looking for new methods to build or increase your list.  The other thing that I really love about Periscope is that there are tons of great tips and strategies from some expert marketers and it’s all free.

Like most platforms there are some downsides.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and if you have only started in online marketing you may find that is a problem.  Sometimes trolls join in scopes which can be a bit daunting at first but they can be blocked in an instant by clicking on their comment.

Overall it is a great community where I have already learnt a lot.  You can watch a few beautiful sunsets around the world or be entertained by Charles Fuchs.  He  takes us on tours of his local night life  in Las Vegas as well as sharing some golden nuggets on how to be a successful marketer.

Periscope is built for engagement, sharing people’s lives, lifestyles and knowledge globally.  If you are wondering if I have got shares in it – the answer is no, but I wish I had.  So why not pick up your courage and give it a try.  It is a much more level playing field than other platforms as it is still so new so now is the time to get in and enjoy it and hopefully grow your business with it.

If you would love to start scoping but are either nervous or unsure about how to get started here is the a Simple 9 Step Periscope Formula which will have you scoping like a pro from your very first Periscope

How to Download Periscope Replays

This second video is a little bit “geeky” but I find it quite interesting because I like the idea of cutting out some of the chat and just recording the tips and strategies on the marketing scopes

If you are a blogger you can use Periscope to bring targeted people to your blog. You may have already engaged with your peeps (that’s what we call Periscope viewers) so they arrive at your blog after having actually “met” you you online. The combination of Periscope and your blog is an awesome way to engage with your followers.

2 10 X- Ing New Technology Videos

People often shy away from new technology and that’s great for you because it gives you a head start  – but only if you embrace it. You have a much better chance of success when you get in at the beginning.
When some of the top marketers start using a new technology, they are going to be just as uncomfortable using it as you are.
Some of them have already built their businesses on blogging,social media or even video marketing but scoping is very different and actually doing it is the only way to get good at it.  So you can join them or even overtake them in their learning curve.
So remember that, unlike them, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Some of them use scopess to increase their following but that can be a shaky strategy  in the beginning if their scopes are mot as good as the rest of their content.
What can you do to take advantage of this opportunity?
1 Bite the bullet and get started right away
2 Spend at least a week studying the new technology in depth
3 Watch what the marketers who are already getting results are doing – pay particular attention to the ones in your niche
4 Create a product or an awesome Giveaway to turn your new followers into leads
5 Just Do It
6 Blog about it and share on social media
7  If you create a product such as a training course for a social media platform you will be ready to monetize your scope.  Ask me in the comments if you would like a strategy for that.
  • Periscope -Twitter’s Live Streaming App Tutorial

    Sunny Lenarduzzi explains why she prefers Periscope to Meerkat. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try both apps and use whichever one you prefer or even like Arnold Schwartzeneger use both.  Meerkat has a CTA and a WordPress plugin which allows you to embed your Meerkats, so there really are reasons to go with both.

    It’s a great way to get more benefit from Twitter and to X – 10 your business. If you don’t have a business or would like to find more ways to promote your business you can access them on this post. . Be bold – this is your life!

  • Tile versus Peeble Bee

    You can use the PebbleBee tag to track anything from your kids, dog, iphone, keys to your most treasured possessions. If you are someone who is constantly having to waste your time searching for articles you have misplaced or forgotten where you left them, then you should definitely put this on your wish list. 

  • It’s got many cool features and you can even get someone who is at the other end of the world to help you find the lost article if their phone is “Peeble Enabled”

    It is already on the market and you will be surprised to hear that the prices start at only $23. It would make a great gift too.

    My point is that there are already so many great tools on the market that most of us don’t even know exist.

    I will introduce you to one that can transform your business or help you to create a new business fast. It’s not an easy option but it is one that has already produced at least 15 millionaires.

Technology is moving so fast and if you are willing to keep an open mind and use it in your business – you can not only transform your own life and business but also those of your friends and followers