2 Awesome Success Quotes

These are quotes that I resonate with completely. I used to worry about being different and more than a little bit crazy until I realized that many very successful people are crazy too.
I saw my mum for the first time 3 days before her hundredth birthday and met her soon after that. Once we got talking I realized that for the first time in my life, I was with someone who was crazy enough to be on the same wavelength and actually understood my crazy thoughts.
We spent a whole year together sharing our craziness – it was amazing.

The Men With The Midas Touch

Midas Touch Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki  are both entrepreneurs with The Midas Touch.  They got together to write the book “The Midas Touch”.  If you have your own business or are planning to get one then you owe it to yourself to read this book.  They teach you what other business books don’t – … Read more

3 Thought Provoking Success Quotes

I would like to share this post especially with people who think that they may not have enough resources to be able to follow their dream. If you think that you can’t really afford to get “all in ” because of your current financial circumstances give that some more thought. People usually manage to come up with the money they need for something they really want badly. What’s needed is resourcefulness – ask any kid who wants ice cream what’s the best way to getting it. A decision,persuasian,a little bit of charm. the willingness to offer a small service like feeding the cat or just sheer determination and tenacity. So if a child can be that resourceful you can too


  A friend of mind who has been suffering from a lack of confidence for years changed her life around when she took a deep breath and got out of her comfort zone. How did she change her life around and get out of her comfort zone?  I persuaded her to join  a Creative Writing … Read more