The Abundance of Life

A photograph can be magical.  It can evoke so many feelings and memories.  It can remind us of our childhood, it can show us what we have that is truly of value in our lives now.  This is a photograph of my Grandson Stellios which I took at Pickie in Bangor. I can remember frolicking on that very same spot with my two cousins when I was a child.  I can feel the grass beneath my feet,smell the salty breeze,hear the waves beating on the rocks.and see the ship in the background as they were so many years ago.  Time stands still and yet it moves so fast.

Having your phtograph taken 60 years ago was an occasion.  We take so many thing for granted now.  How marvellous to be able to just take a photograph on a smart phone and share it with the world in an instant.  How amazing to be able to learn a skill set at our own pace just by joining a community that has so much knowledge and information at it’s fingertips,  Blogs,videos,hangouts,webinars,capture pages,swipe copy,events all at our fingertips.  Maybe you would like to join us

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