The First Female Self Made Billionaire


Martha Stewart has been extra-ordinarily successful in business. When she was asked her 10 top tips for success, she stated them clearly and concisely. She insists that she is an ordinary woman who scrubs her floors in her home. These rules are very simple and can be followed by anyone- so why aren’t there more female billionaires?

Most people don’t have a detailed plan. They don’t run with their ideas and find ways to finance them and market them. They allow themselves to get distracted from the main plan.

Many years ago I ran with an idea and found a way to finance it which included enough money to advertise it and get it off the ground. I was very excited about it but when I hit an obstacle which involved either finding another company that would blast freeze these “cosmopolitan” meals or raising enough money for blast freezers – I gave up.  I allowed my disappointment to demotivate me. How foolish was that! – but keeping our emotions out of business is essential. Being an innovator is not enough. Great ideas and great intentions are not enough.

Implementation and follow-through and sheer dogged determination is what separates the men from the boys and the billionaires from the might have beens.  A few years later big manufacturers started to sell frozen meals and now we all take them for granted.  Fortunately life is not about the what ifs – there is always an opportunity around the corner, another path to success.  Hard lessons can be the best lessons and they shorten the learning curve.

I know that the lead machine I am setting up is ideal for newbies and seasoned marketers. I believe that the blueprint is second to none. This is the opportunity that can work for anyone who follows Martha Stuart’s 10 simple rules. Her last rule is to work really hard but make sure you are compensated for your hard work. I believe that  this lead machine will create millionaires. So why not you ?- why not me? – why not now?

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