The Importance of Your Profile



The Importance of Your Profile

Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to basics in our marketing especially when we are at the point of being stuck at a particular income level.  It seems that often not enough thought goes into the bios that we share on social media and the “About Me ” pages we have on our blogs.

Even your “about me” page is not really about you.  It should be about the aspects of your personality that are going to appeal to your target audience and include  the relevant skills and experience you can offer them.

Different social media sites require different types of bios.  Your Twitter followers want to know what you DO whereas your Periscope “peeps” want to know what you scope about. Obviously your linkedin profile will be more formal than the one you have on other social media sites.

It is worthwhile to keep updating and tweaking your bios as you may be surprised how much effect  that will have on the number and type of followers that an updated more relevant bio.   If you are building your list – and who isn’t nowadays? – you can add a link to a capture page or free giveaway.

Very often your audience decides whether or not they will read your posts or engage with you solely on whether or not your bio appeals to them.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and often your bio is that opportunity.

So why not take some time to review all your bios and make sure that they are not “letting you down” or repelling potential clients rather than attracting them.  Make sure that you also add a full face photograph of yourself and smile!!


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