The Power of Investment

InvestmentThe Power of Investment

Investing is the core strategy behind most successful companies and wealthy people.  Unfortunately this is the lesson which should be drummed into us from an early age but generally isn’t,    Instead it takes many people a lifetime to work it out and use this strategy to change their lives.  When you understand the power of compound interest then the power of investment  becomes clear.

The Power of Investment

Investments are rarely guaranteed.  It is usually not possible to predict the future accurately and so it is with investment,  The other side of that coin (pardon the pun) is that if there is no investment then the value of assets decrease and eventually dwindle into oblivion or in the worst case scenario  bankruptcy.

The Power of Investment

Investing is not confined to money and assets.  In fact one of the best investments that anyone can make is time.

By investing  your most precious asset -time- you  become more knowledgeable about your passion, your skills in your and your business.

When you invest in yourself you become a more valuable person,  You have more to offer the world and your life changes for the better,  You put yourself in the position to  gain from the abundance of the universe.

The Power of Investment

When you invest in yourself you become capable of things you never thought possible.  If you are a marketer and invest wisely and consistently every single day your cash flow will increase beyond measure.  Invest in  learning the necessary skills to improve your earnings.  Invest in yourself by listening to and more importantly implementing the training.  Never underestimate the power of investment.

Investing in real estate or stocks and shares has made many fortunes.  Chris Record  invested his time and effort to earn a lot of money on the internet but because he did not have a list some of this did not result in a residual income.

Without your own list you are at the mercy of the company you have joined.  A list is the on-line equivalent of cash in your pocket.  It is the currency of the internet.

Post an ad a day – that is an investment in your business – it will create your list.

Blog daily and that will bring more eyes to your product or service (blogging is an investment of time).  Blogs are your on-line real estate and if you blog consistently you will create an on-line skyscraper that will bring you (instead of rent that has to be collected)  a stream of passive income that will grow exponentially as long as you continue to do so.

A large part of Dave Wood’s income disappeared overnight when a company he was working for closed down.  He had his own list so he was back in business within hours rather than days.

  • If you want to build a list
  • If you want to invest wisely
  • If you  want a passive consistent income
  • If you have $25 dollars a  month to invest in your education and your business

 The fuel that drives the leaders’ vision  is that anyone can plug into success sustainable residual income

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