The Power Of Language

The Power Of Language can transform your life faster than anything else.  It  can improve your relationships and your sales.  More importantly it can give you the self belief that you need to be effective and successful.

Have you talked to yourself today?  Not out loud perhaps, but have you been telling yourself that you can’t do this or you can’t do that?  That’s the first thing you have to change – the conversation with yourself.  Make it upbeat and positive just like the life that you are entitled to live.

The Power Of Language –  the language that you have heard in the past from your friends and family and teachers has greatly influenced the way you think about the world in general and yourself in particular.

Forget about all the negative stuff and bring to your mind your past successes, the compliments that you were given but buried in your mind.

I used to work for a financial adviser who was a top class salesman.  He was and would admit to being a male chauvinist.  I used to marvel at his ability to sell financial product to all and sundry and secretly wished that I could do the same.

 I gave myself the excuse that there was no point in asking him to teach me how to sell because I didn’t think he would want to be bothered to teach a mere woman some selling skills.


Chances are I was probably wrong about that – I am sure that if I had shown sufficient interest he would have at least have given me some sales tips.  I knew it my heart that I just couldn’t be good at sales.  That’s what I told myself and that is what I have believed for most of my adult life.  When did I start believing that?  Who or what convinced me that it was true?  I have no idea and I must admit that I never once took the time to ask myself these questions.  He believed without a doubt that he was a great salesman and so he was.

If we ask ourselves these tough questions – will the answers help us to change our beliefs about our own abilities?  Why not try it and see.  So you believe you are good at sales?  If you do, the chances are you are already selling your way to success.  If not, what have YOU been telling yourself?

I realise now that one of the best skills that anyone can learn is marketing.  Tell that to your friends, your family, your children and your grandchildren.  Show them the Power of Language by using what you know to increase their confidence and self belief.  Let them listen to Dave Woods and he will teach them to sell.

To be a good salesperson you need to be aware of The Power of Language and to be a great one you should also be aware of hypnotic language.  Read a book on hypnotic selling (you will find some good ones on Amazon) and see how if effects your results.    Words can paint pictures, create visions, change hearts and minds.  Listen to Martin Luther and believe in

                                                   The Power Of Language.


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