How To Think Outside The Box

Do You Think Outside The Box?





How To Think Outside The Box

 Learning how to think outside the box makes everything so much more efficient and often more fun as well.

For example, today I was planning to start the 100 day video challenge in 72 hours.  I figured it was going to keep me really busy all weekend.  I made the decision committed to it and all that was left was to summon up the will- power to resist all other distractions and temptations and JUST DO IT.

That was until I started to think outside the box.  I had already done a video challenge and  because I had left most of the videos until the last 2 days and I had to make most of them in the last 24 hours I realised that I could certainly do it.  That made it seem less overwhelming and because I wasn’t in a panic I took a few minutes to pause and think of some ways that I might be able to shorten the time required to shorten the task.

I recalled having heard  that you could make quite a long video and chunk it down into shorter ones of two or three minutes using Camtasia.  So then the task seemed even less daunting and I had  more time to think about it.

I thought about making a few scopes on Periscope – sort of killing two birds with one stone – and then adding them to my video challenge but that seemed a little bit like cheating.

Then  I decided to check my emails and lo and behold the universe had come to my assistance yet again.  There it was – the perfect solution – an email from an Instagram expert with a training on how to make 15 second videos on Instagram.  So the challenge became a lot less challenging and I learnt something new which I think is going to help my business grow

You can come up with a lot of strategies to work smarter if you are prepared to think outside the box!


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