Tony Robbins in Our Lives

                                 Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins has touched the lives of so many people. There must be so many stories to tell about the effect he has had on each and everyone who have seen him or read his books or watched his videos.

The first time I became aware of Tony Robbins was when I saw his book in my local book store.  I bought it and what a wise decision that was.  It was called “Awaken The Giant Within”.

I was not in a good place at the time, recently divorced my esteem was pretty low and so were my hopes for the future. I read that book over and over again and then I bought a few more Tony Robbins books “Giant Steps” and “Notes From A Friend”

I checked out my bookcase today to find them and the first one was missing, but I found “Unlimited Power” and I started to leaf through it.

On page 62 he suggested jotting down 5 limiting beliefs and 5 positive beliefs.
I jotted them down in the actual book and they are as follows:

Limiting beliefs;

1 I have lost my nerve at horse riding
2 I am ashamed of My Body
3 I am ashamed of where I live – in a council estate
4 I lack confidence
5 I cannot find a way to raise some capital to buy property and/or start a business

These were the things that I truly believed to be holding me back in life.

Positive Beliefs:

1 If I study hard I can pass CEMAP which is the qualification to be a mortgage adviser in the UK
2 I can find a way buy more property
3 I can break at least one horse
4 I can increase my capital
5 I can lose weight

My Results From Changing My Beliefs:

Within a year I had passed CEMAP and started my own business as an Independent Mortgage Broker.
I also broke 2 horses and trained them to jump.
I had totally refurbished my council house, sold it and bought a detached house with a large garden
I bought an apartment in Germany, some land in Bratova and a detached house near Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.
I lost over a stone in weight

With my limiting beliefs to hold me back I could never have done those things. Tony Robbins showed me how to change my beliefs and that changed my life. Many exciting things followed on from these changes. No longer ashamed of my house I gained the confidence and determination to pursue my search for my mother. I found her three days before her hundredth birthday. It involved some trauma but resulted in a fairytale ending for both of us. I have written a book about my forty year search and who knows what other exciting things that may lead to?

Now my belief is that nothing is impossible and these beliefs are being passed down the generations in my family. How many other untold stories are there out there that started with Tony Robbins – I wonder. Tony gives hope to the hopeless, empowers those who feel powerless and teaches those who feel unloved how to love again. He can change defeat to a challenge, despair to joy. This may sound over the top but it is true.

Every home should have a Tony Robbins Book or Video. There should be some words of wisdom from him in every prison cell, in every orphanage and hostel for the homeless. Tony Robbins is 6 ft 7 ins in height, he is a giant within and without. If you have not been fortunate enough to have your life improved by his wisdom, do yourself a favour and let Tony Robbins  ”Awaken The Giant Within”

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