Walk A Mile In This Guy’s Shoes


We take so much for granted in our lives and this video really shows what it is like to be on the other side.  This is a guy with skills and yet for some reason he has become homeless.  We don’t know his story, but we do know that some of his decisions led him to this point in his life.  He is no longer a statistic now he has become a person again even if it is only for a day or two. Without even realizing it he may have jolted some of us to find a way to help people like him to get their lives back.

Where have your decisions taken you?  Are your credit cards paying for the roof over your head or are you just in a rut?  Yesterday I sat in a traffic jam at five o’clock., As I waited for the traffic to finally move I thought about all those people who actually have to sit in a traffic jam on their way to work every week from Monday to Friday – what a way to start the day.  At that time in the morning I am still curled up in my bed.  I looked at the office blocks  en route and I remember what it was like to sit in an office year after year watching the clock until it was time to join the jam again.

There is a better way, not an easy route but a very profitable one for those who are prepared to put the time and effort into making a future for themselves and their families.  It’s a decision.  It’s an incredible opportunity and anyone can do it.

If you are someone who is really committed to change your life (so that YOU too can drive around when everyone is is stuck in their offices or factories or other places of business) then CLICK HERE.

Yes it’s that simple – I didn’t say it will be easy but if you really want it you can have the future you have only dreamt about up until now.

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