Wealthy Retirement Quotes

There’s a new retirement mindset gaining momentum. It’s not about sitting in the corner, it’s not about making do – it’s about making more money and helping others to do the same.
It’s about realising that if you are not prepared to sit back and let life beyond retirement eliminate your ambition, your confidence and your joie de vivre, you can truly make it the most productive time in your life.
  1. The question isn’t at what age I want to retire –  it’s at what income.

    George Foreman
     This is the kind of mindset that took George Foreman from zero to hero and it can do the same for you
  2. Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it.

    Bernard Baruch
    Ever considered that hanging on to your knowledge and experience might be a sin?  Why would you choose to keep it all to yourself?
    Retirement can be the opportunity for to do exactly what you want to do with your time. No boss and no restrictions. The chance to prove to yourself and the world that there’s a lot more to you than they ever thought possible.
In retirement you have the time to get your head around new things. To delight in new discoveries and to find out just what you are really capable of.
With the right vehicle you can transform your life and share your success with those you love.
The great thing is that you can do all this while helping others to do the same.
Maybe with the mindset you have had up until now you think this is pie in the sky.
If you open your mind and let go of the things that got you where you are today, your tomorrow can be better than anything you have ever dreamed about.
Now that many seniors are in lock down due to the Corona Virus you are presented with an amazing opportunity to hone your online skills and start up a new online business which can provide you not only wth an extra income as well as a new interest.  Believe me it can be addictive but very worthwhile.
In the beginning it will take time and effort and a small investment (usually a lot less than it would take to set up an off line business).  With the right tools and the right training you can learn how to create passive residual income.

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